Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER – March 23, 2016
4 Way Test:  Thank you John Emley
Invocation:  Stuart Fenton played a rendition of “America the Beautiful” sung by Ray Charles: Link Here
Life Events/Requests:  Please keep Bill Collins and his family in your prayers. His grandson, Lucas, had an extremely difficult surgery in Ohio
Chris Etienne has an acquaintance who is in need of a house to rent, for one year, in downtown Petoskey. Please contact her if you know of something
Calendar Winners:  Past President Dr. John Scholten read the calendar winners today. He also shared a few thoughts regarding relationships. The Club is all about relationships and building friendships. The way to do this is to participate. Volunteer to be on committees, roadside cleanup, pedaling for polio etc. John is the one who instituted our very successful Pedaling for Polio. He used his President’s stipend to buy uniforms for the Petoskey Marching Band. The message: Rotary is about friendships and not just business. John also had a message to Reg to “Bring back the Tater Tots. We miss counting them!” Calendar winners can be found at: Link Here
Song of the Week:  Steve Cross and Joe Blachy led us in an old standard “Stodala Pumpa” Link Here
Visiting Rotarians:  There were no visiting Rotarians
International Convention Korea:  Please let Dave Thomas know if you have an interest or any questions
District Conference Muskegon:  The conference will be April 22nd-24th. Please watch for an e-mail with the details. Consider attending if you can
MANNA Day:  Our Club will meet at MANNA for a working Lunch. April 13th the Club will meet there and NOT at the Perry
Habitat For Humanity:  Save the Date. Our Club will be participating May 7, 2016, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Alanson
Driving for MANNA:  MANNA will not be requiring backpack help this year. They are in need of Drivers on Monday to pick up food from a number of local supermarkets. There are two runs 9:00 and 12:00. The vehicle is a panel truck and does not require having an additional license. The vehicle requires a driver and a rider. One must be able to carry 40 pounds. Please see Jean Frentz to sign up or to find out more about it
Roadside Clean-Up:  The fun begins April 16th starting at 8:30 beginning at Walloon Marina Service Center. Please sign up on line or with Paul Schemanski. A team of 16 with 4 in each group is needed. Seven Rotarians have stepped up. Nine more are needed
Top of Michigan Trails:  The Club will be sponsoring an Aid Station for the Memorial Week-end Marathon Event. The event is on May 28th from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. What we also need are a team of runners and walkers. See Angie Cranney to sign up. Logo T-shirts will be provided
Beach Bums:  Save the Date of June 11, 2016 to attend a ball game in Traverse City. Cost will be $8.00 and we need 25 people to go. You will be receiving an e-mail to prompt your registration
PROGRAM – Club Assembly
Dave Thomas reported:
  • Membership Campaign has been successful this far. The winner of Dinner for Two at the Bob In is Jane Millar for bringing in two members during this time period
  • By-Laws Revisions – Vote to accept final wording. A motion was made by Bob Waldvogel and seconded by Kent Cartwright that the revisions posted on the website be accepted. As there was no further discussion, a vote was called and the revisions were approved unanimously. Many thanks to Jim, Lyle, Steve, Greg and Rob of the Bylaws Committee
  • Yellow-Card – The yellow card for announcements is still voluntary. However, if you want your announcement to be posted accurately in the newsletter, filling out the card will guarantee that this will happen
  • Club and Governor’s Goals Report:
  • Membership
    • Membership – The goal was to increase membership to 98 – goal met with membership at 99
    • Formalizing sponsorships, induction and initiating a 6 month monitoring program was completed
    • Retention of old members is at 92%
    • Program on Diversity – goal met with the 9/16/15 program with Rabbi Aaron Rozovsky
  • Leadership
    • District Conference attendance – 4 have been scheduled
    • Kent Cartwright and Bob Waldvogel have attended President Elect Training School (PETS)
    • President Succession Plan was approved today with the Bylaws revisions
    • District Training attendance was achieved on 10/30/2015
    • Event Scheduler & Web training was accomplish thanks to Terry Newton
  • Public Image
    • A plan was developed to improve public image. This was measured by numerous PNR articles on Parks, PRCCI, D&D, Madrigals and Chamber. Terry Newton has accomplished a quantum improvement in our social media presence
    • Printed business cards which are being used for recruitment
    • Pedal for Polio has raised over $2,000
  • Rotary Foundation
    • Hit and exceeded the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) goal of $100
    • On track for giving $2,000 for Polio, $2,000 Paul Harris Fellowship and $5,000 sustaining
  • Humanitarian Service
    • Participation in Local Food Program – MANNA
    • Participation in clean water project – Haiti
    • Sponsorship of Robotics Program – $3,000
    • Partnership with Club outside of 6290 - $4,000 to Project Cure in Tanzania. Also support for Trade Schools in Nepal
  • Youth Service
    • Two students are budgeted to attend the Life leadership Conference
    • Establish Interact Club – Unable to find a leader for this but we will continue to pursue
    • Strive Scholarship & Mentoring – funded and continuing
    • Youth Exchange – unable to find a host family not unlike other clubs
    • Insure Youth Protection in place – conducted by PHS
  • Fellowship
    • Incremental Fellowship Activity – Beach Bums on 6/11/2016
    • Other get-togethers include – ROMEO (Really Old Men Eating Out), First Thursday, Bowlapalooza, Habitat for Humanity on 5/14/2016
    • Sending a Delegate to Rotary Convention in Korea – Still looking
  • President Goals
    • Support and Continue Established Programs such as Highway Cleanup, Bell ringing, Toys for Tots all which were all successfully accomplished
    • Teacher of the Year – Scheduled for 5/18/2016
    • Middle School Career Day – successful program on 2/16/2016 thanks to BJ Shawn
    • Raise $5,000 for Club’s Philanthropy – To date: $2,117 from Sidewalk Sales, $65,726 from Diamonds and Denim (with $11,146 coming to the Club), a $5,000 anonymous member donation, Parks $89,400, PRCCI $3,177 and a successful Spaghetti Dinner and Calendar Sale
    • Partnered with Top of Michigan Trails Council to assist in their purchase of a building. Our $80,000 contribution helped them reach their goal
    • An Administrative Advisory Team was established which will assist all future presidents
    • Over $100,000 has been awarded to the community
  • Additional Governor’s Goals
    • The Club has a scholarship program which awards two nursing scholarships
    • Five college scholarships to area high school students are forthcoming and Service Above Self Awards as well
  • Terry Newton reported on the Global Rewards Benefit
    Terry shared awards and discount opportunities found on Rotarians who own a business are also able to go in and add their own reward opportunities. Please see Terry if you would like further information or instruction on how to accomplish this
  • Diamonds & Denim Update
    Ingrid Flemming introduced the 2016 Committee: Reg Smith, Neil Bidwell, Doug Buck, Bill Collins, Angela Cranney, Jean Frentz, Dianne Litzenburger, Terry Newton, Rob Rogier, BJ Shawn, Mike Snyder, Dave Thomas and Melissa Thompson. This group will be working on processes regarding sponsorships and the tracking of auction items, as well as standard communication of the event, in upcoming weeks. Ingrid also shared the goal for the partnership with Great Lakes Center for the Arts: “Rotary Club of Petoskey will partner with a strategic team to bring to fruition the Great lakes Center for the Arts which will house a beautifully crafted 500 seat theater with a large stage, state of the art technology to accommodate a wide range of artists and performances, a multi-purpose room for educational programming and events, and lovely patron areas including a rooftop patio and lounge.” Volunteers are still needed and your participation will be greatly appreciated
  • Chris Etienne Report
              Get Involved: Chris requested that Rotarians consider taking part in the following:
  • Rotary Leadership Institute
  • District Conferences
  • International Conventions
  • Brown Bag Input: In preparation for an upcoming visioning workshop, Chris asked Rotarians for their input on three items:
    What would you like the club to continue doing? (Yellow)
    What should the club start doing? (Green)
    What should the club stop doing? (Red)
    Corresponding colored sheets and marked bags were used to collect the anonymous recommendations. For those that were not in attendance today a “Survey” will be emailed to collect additional responses. A report on the information submitted will be forthcoming   
    Next Week’s Program: Friends Enhancing Emmet Transportation (FEET) will present the statistics showing support for Public Transportation in Emmet County
    New Member Notification:  This is the second week notification for Mike Spencer from Bay View Association, who has been approved by the board of directors