Community Service


Community Services 

Camp Daggett

Members of the Petoskey Rotary Club in 1974 constructed the Mohawk sleeping cabin. This cabin sleeps ten plus a counselor. Every spring the club goes out and cleans, repaints, and repairs the cabin as needed.

Winter Sports Park

A report was made by William McCune regarding the possibility of developing an adequate winter sports program. P.T. Mitchell called a meeting on 8/8/1927 to discuss the organization of a committee to promote winter sports; and at a meeting held September 7th the following officers of the first Winter Sports Committee we elected: Rotarian Homer Bates, President; Rotarian Watson Snyder, Vice-President; Kiwanian Glen Townsend, Treasurer; and Kiwanian Bert Kenny, Secretary. The first organized Winter Sports Program was held in February 1928

In 1990, we spearheaded the project to erect a new building at the Winter Sports Park and eventually put a roof over the hockey rink. $206,573 were collected for the improvements and with help from the city and the state, the building was completed, a great credit to our club.

Adopt - A - Highway

In 1991 the Rotary Club of Petoskey "adopted" a 3 mile stretch of US 131. The three miles of road stretches from Bear River Road at the south end of the county to Kemp Road. Every Spring several Rotarians, spouses, children and guests make their walk cleaning up the roadway. Over the past years, we have found several "interesting" items.


STRIVE is a scholarship and jobs program for high school students. STRIVE is a partnership among the Rotary Club of Petoskey, Petoskey High School, and North Central Michigan College.

The opportunity

  • STRIVE is for high school students who want to improve their present educational status and their life prospects.
  • STRIVE recognizes and rewards students, academically ranked in the lower one-third of the their class, who demonstrate their desire for success by achievement.
  • STRIVE honors all students who accomplish the goals set forth by the STRIVE program.
  • Eligibility
    To be eligible, students must be in their junior or senior year at Petoskey High School.
  • How does it work?
    The school will calculate your base GPA, that is your accumulative grade point average for grades nine, ten and eleven. At the end of your senior year, the grades that your received for that year will be converted into a senior GPA. By subtracting the base from the senior GPA, we can determine the improvement amount.

Student Service Above Self Award

Teacher of the Year