Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER 

September 28, 2016


Four Way Test:  Thank you Bill Graham, Welcome back                         

Howard Richards was back so he led us in “America the Beautiful”

Invocation:  Thank you Randy Evans

Visiting Rotarians:  Walt Byers, Saline, MI and Bob Swanson, Birmingham, MI

Other Visitors:  Nicole LeDeur, Karen Jameson and Erika Walls

Life Events:  Someone let it slip that it was President Kent Cartwright’s Birthday so we sang to him

Song of the Week:  Our dynamic duo was back together. Howard Richards and Steve Cross led us in “Jail House Rock” and “Smile”


Roadside Cleanup:  Paul Schemanski said they had a great group for road clean up and as always he had some interesting stuff for certain members

Pedaling for Polio:  John Scholten, still with his hand out, let us know that Pedaling for Polio has raised $1,500 to date. Also John Scholten and Kent Cartwright will be participating in the Louisville Ironman. He may learn how to pronounce it correctly by the time he gets there, and they will be taking sponsors for the ride portion of the event with the money raised going towards the Pedaling for Polio number. There will be more info forthcoming

Calendar Sales:  Jeff Bodette gave us our weekly calendar update. If you haven’t picked yours up yet be sure to get them. We had a good turn in all ready. Jeff Bodette turned in 20 today

YMCA Update:  Christian Smith let us know that the annual YMCA fundraiser will be October 7th at the Bay Harbor Yacht Club. Tickets are still available

STRIVE Opportunity:  Strive is looking for 2 Female and 1 Male mentor for the upcoming year. This is a great program and very rewarding for not only the kids but the mentors as well. Please consider being a mentor


President Kent Cartwright found out that you always have to be very flexible when you are President, it helps when you have a great program person to back you up, since his program called in sick. But Christian Smith stepped in with a great option, New Member roulette.

He called on the only new members present today to answer some in depth questions to give our members and little more insight into their lives:

Dylan Valade:  Activities now are kids, soccer and snowboarding, but mostly kids. Christmas is his favorite holiday because of the sweaters. He is a Web developer and his last vacation was to Mackinac Island

Mike Spencer:  Like Dylan kids are big now, but football, basketball and hunting are his hobbies. Thanksgiving because of the food and good Lions games. He is the Executive Director in Bay View and Hilton Head was his last vacation

Then, since we still had time:

Bill Topham:  Bill let us know he was a ski bum. Having been in the ski business his whole life it makes sense. Thanksgiving because of the food and Lions

And then proving that you shouldn’t give a lawyer the mic, Lyle Peck turned the tables on Christian Smith

Christian Smith:  Football, Wrestling and Track both participating and coaching. Director of the YMCA

This was a great fill in program that we are sure Christian will do again if necessary but he hopes no time soon

Next Week’s Program:  Scott LeDeur2016 Presidential Election Analysis