Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

November 09, 2016  


Four Way Test:  Thank you Angie Cranney 

Invocation:  Thank you Stuart Fenton for the invocation

President Kent Cartwright led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Visiting Rotarians:  Jock Rader, Rotary Club of Little Traverse Bay Sunset and John Van Etten Terre Haute, IN

Other Visitors:  Nikki LaDeur, Prospective Member; Kassia Perpich from the Petoskey/Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation and Congressman Elect Lt. General Jack Bergman and his guest

Calendar Winners:  Were read off by President Kent and the following link will take you to them: Link

Life Events:  Jack Bergman presented Matt Breed with new Stars for his uniform, fitting for his current rank

Song of the Week:  Steve Cross and Howard Richards were absent today so Angie Cranney led us in “Smile”


Bear River Bistro:  Robert Rogier let us know that the Bear River Bistro (Commercial Foods) at the high school is open for lunch and he will be going there on Fridays and invited anyone who would like to join him to have lunch with some of our high school students

Great Lakes Orchestra:  Anne McDevitt let us know that the Great Lakes Orchestra will have a concert this Sunday at 4:00 p.m., the 4 B’s, at the Castle. Contact her for more information

Pedaling for Polio:  John Scholten let us know that the Ironmen have raised almost $4,000 for Pedaling for Polio. With the Bill and Melinda Gates match it will total $12,000. Great job! They will keep donations open for a couple more weeks

The Madrigals:  The Madrigals will be presenting to us on December 20th and will be unveiling the Rotary Costume. If you would like to sponsor a Madrigal it is $20 and see John Scholten

Diamonds & Denim 2017:  To date we have 3 applications for next year’s partner for Diamonds and Denim and will take any more that are post marked by November 11th

Rotary Board Meeting Notes:  At the board meeting held Tuesday they approved $4,000 for Pure Water for the World in conjunction with the Elk Rapids Club. Also $120 for Wreaths Across America

There is also money available for members to attend Rotary Trainings. If you would like to attend any, see Assistant District Governor Dave Thomas or go on the District website for schedules and locations

Nomination Committee Report:  Roger Winslow gave a report from the nomination committee. Voting will be at the next club assembly in December. The slate of nominees is as follows: Board Members first, followed by the President Nominee:

  1. Director of International Service - Reg Smith (replacing Paul Schemanski)

  2. Director of Community Service - Jeff Wynder (replacing Angie Cranney)

  3. Director of Youth Service - Ashley Whitney (replacing Steve Cross)

  4. Member At-Large - Verne Osterlund (replacing Roger Winslow)

  5. President Nominee Designate - Liz Aherns

Robert Rogier and Dianne Litzenburger were nominated to serve on the PRCCI Board


Chris Etienne gave us a crash course on our Rotary Foundation. Many of us know it is there but really don’t know what it is or what it does. Chris gave us the inside look at all the great projects and ways we can support the Foundation. In addition President Kent showed a video that gave faces to the projects we all hear about. This is a way for even the smallest donation to make the greatest impact

Next Week’s Program:  Elizabeth Looze and Challenge Mountain