Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER
January 11, 2017


Four Way Test:  Thank you Jim Wibby

Invocation:  Thank you Ann McDevitt for the invocation

The Buddha's resolutions:

  1. I will not believe in anything simply because I've heard it and it is rumored by many. I will not believe in anything simply on the authority of my teachers and elders. But after observation and analysis, when I know for myself that something, if undertaken and practiced, will lead to the welfare and happiness of one and all, I will accept it and live up to it

  2. Before speaking, I will reflect on whether what I'm about to say is true, kind, and helpful

  3. Hatred never ceases through hatred; hatred ceases through non-hatred. This is an ancient truth. I will not engage in hatred

  4. Whatever I keep pursuing with my thinking and pondering becomes the inclination of my awareness, so I will watch my thoughts and their ways with care

  5. I will not consider the faults of others or what they have or have not done. Rather, I will consider what I myself have done or have not done

  6. As a solid rock is not moved by the wind, I will not be moved by praise or blame

  7. I will develop and cultivate my mind

Howard Richards led us in “America the Beautiful”

Visiting Rotarians:  Walter Byers was a visiting Rotarian for about 5 minutes. Today was his induction to our Club

Calendar Winners:  Please click here for the winners: Link

Life Events:  Former member of our Club, Kendal Taylor, is facing some heath challenges. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Kendal was in the process of moving to Acute Care at McLaren Northern Michigan as it will be less travel for Christine and he has improved enough to move from Boulder Park. He appreciated knowing that Jane had announced this at Rotary today and wished us all well

BJ Shawn can still use our help. Please sign up for a day through Jane Millar

Also, please keep former Rotarian Frank Wangeman in your prayers

Song of the Week:  Steve Cross and Angie Cranney performed a delightful rendition of the classic “Baby its Cold Outside”. Howard Richards performed a mean accompaniment

Inductions:  Jane Millar led the induction ceremony for the following three candidates; Walter Byers, Nikki LaDeur and Kassia Perpich

Nikki LaDeur, sponsored by Angie Cranny, has a Master’s in Business Management and is presently a Professor of Political Science at NCMC. She has also been employed as a consultant with SunGem

Walter Byers, sponsored by Ann McDevitt, is a 38 year Rotarian from Saline, MI. His degrees are in business and banking

Kassia Perpich, sponsored by Dave Thomas, is currently with the Petoskey Harbor Springs Community Foundation. She has considerable experience in government and public policy as well as grant writing

All three new members will be a great asset to our club. Please take the time to welcome them


Calendar Sales:  Jeff Bodette asked that ALL monies be turned in by January 21, 2017

Diamonds & Denim 2017:  The Committee met and selected the Petoskey Band Boosters as the 2017 partner. As McLaren Northern Michigan was a close second, there was a recommendation for naming them as the 2018 partner. Any member who is not in agreement with naming a second year partner this far in advance should voice their concerns within the next 30 days to President Cartwright or to any other Board member

Fourth Thursday:  Fourth Thursday will be at La Seniorita on January 26th. There is also an Education Foundation fundraiser that day so a portion of the tab goes to support our children. Be there 5:30ish!

Spaghetti Dinner:  Remember to hold the date of February 16, 2017


Our speaker was introduced by Herb Carlson who asked attorney Louis Kasischke to comment in the LTBB Federal Lawsuit as it pertains to Charlevoix and Emmet counties. The LTBB filed a Protection of Rights Lawsuit in September of 2015. This is a national movement. For more information on his viewpoint, Mr. Kasischke referred Rotarians to:  Link

Next Week’s Program:  Liz Ahrens on Crooked Tree Arts Center