Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

April 5, 2017


Howard Richards led us in America the Beautiful without the Piano since it was locked. The key was found so he can play for our regular singing. We thought maybe the staff was trying to tell us something

Four Way Test:  Thank you Anne McDevitt

Invocation:  Thank you Neal Bidwell

Visiting Rotarians:  None

Other Visitors:  Elizabeth Newton, even though Kent tried to skip over her, Abbey Neerken and Sarah Ford

Song of the Week:  Howard with his unlocked piano and Steve was back so they led us in Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” Very appropriate for the way we started and “Smile”


John Scholten Alert:  The President said John Scholten wanted to Skype in Florida because he thought we would miss him but was told no

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra:  Anne McDevitt let us know that the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra will be having a concert this Sunday 4/9 at 4:00 pm at the First Presbyterian church in Harbor Springs. Tickets are available at the door

BJ Shawn Update:  Jane Millar let us know that BJ Shawn is doing well. She said she didn’t need us to bring food any longer which is great news


Steve introduced Thad McGehee from the Pregnancy Care Center.  They are a charitable, non-political, non-denominational locally funded organization formed to help all persons experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Thad gave us an overview of what is offered and how it works. For further information, please check out their website: Link

Next Week’s Program:  Cassie Parker presenting DECA, Inc.