Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

April 26, 2017


Since we were on a field trip to Manna President Kent Cartwright dispensed with the normal opening so that we had more time for service. Thanks to Reg and the Staff at the Perry for making our box lunches


President Kent checked with both Jane Millar and John Scholten to be sure they did not have announcements and hearing none we went right into our Service Project


Kim Baker, Executive Director for Manna gave us a quick overview of what Manna does and told us that they have been here for 30 years. He then turned us over to Ruth for our assigned tasks, fill boxes for the Boyne City Free Clinic, packing back packs (over 2500 packs are distributed in their service are weekly) and repacking bulk crackers. There are many of our members who already volunteer at Manna with Tim Dykstra and Jean Frentz being on the board. They can always use more help so if you feel inclined or have a group looking for a great service opportunity contact Manna

Next Week’s Program: David Crouse will present The Ansel Adams collection of Crooked Tree Arts Center