Posted by Terry Newton on Jun 21, 2017

Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

June 21, 2017

Howard Richards led us in God Bless America

Four Way Test:  Walt Byers

Invocation:  Stuart Fenton read a poem he had written. Very well done


Who are we, Rotary?

Successful members of the community

Professionals who’ve had a successful career track

And feel the need to give something back

To make a difference in our community and our world

To leave a better place, positive change unfurled

So, who are We, Rotary?

We are bankers and poets and store owners and writers

And artists and builders and doctors and lawyers

And designers and musicians and newsmen and insurance women

And business people of all kinds retired and active

Health care, Hotel keeps, Financiers, Proactive

HR, Schools, counselors – all represented

Non profits, CEOs, consultants, the range of careers is unprecedented.

Almost demented

So, I am proud to be part of such a diverse organization

Whose mission it is to build a better nation

Thank you Rotary, for all you do

And for letting me in, to be a part of you. (How I got in, I haven’t a clue)

Song of the Week:  Howard Richards tickled the ivories today and Steve Cross led us in Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" and "Smile"

Visiting Rotarians:  Carl Jones, Dick Chambers, Currie Andrews, Bob Swanson, Val Meyerson, Steve Popper and Summer Rotarians Tom Morrow and Julian Magnus

Visitors:  Ingrid Jones

Life Events:

Distinguished Service Citation:  Jean Frentz presented Steve Cross and Howard Richards with Rotary Distinguished Service Citations for the amazing music they provide us on a weekly basis. We have the best music duo in all of Rotary. Thanks guys

Rotary Foundation Pool:  Chris Etienne, as her last function as the Club’s Foundation Chair, drew one more name from the 2013 pool and that was Joe Blachy. She then introduced Liz Ahrens as the new chair starting July 1st

Petoskey Robotics:  Petoskey Robotics Club, who we gave $6,000 to included a matching District Grant, thanked us for all we do for them


Rotary Officer’s Exchange:  Officer’s Exchange will be June 29th at the Perry. If you still want to go and didn’t get on the list call Jim Beno by Monday. If you are on the list and can not make it call by Monday as well. You will be billed if you are on the list

Habitat for Humanity:  Stuart Fenton let us know about the Raise the Roof Fundraiser on June 22 for Habitat for Humanity


Kassia Perpich introduced the program, even though he needed no introduction; DJ Jones from the Petoskey/Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation. He gave us an overview of what the foundation has done over the 25 years it has been in existence. They will be having their annual meeting on August 8th at the waterfront behind City Hall. It is an ice cream social so be sure to get it on your calendar

Next Week’s Program:  Exchange of Officer's night on Thursday so there will be no meeting on Wednesday

New Member Notification:  This is the second of a two week notification for the approval of Justin Blohm’s acceptance in to the Rotary Club of Petoskey. His application was approved by the Rotary Board of Directors on June 13, 2017

This is the first week’s notification for Melissa Colby who was approved in a podium board meeting June 21st. Also, the board approved having Melissa Thompson return to our club as an individual member instead of as a corporate membership which she was previously