Posted by Terry Newton on Nov 08, 2017

Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

November 8, 2018

President Bob Waldvogel had all Club Veterans stand and be recognized for their service

Howard Richards led us in “My Country Tis of Thee”

Four Way Test:  John VanEtten

Invocation:   Anne McDevitt

Calendar Winners:  Dennis Kelly read the calendar winners: Link

Visiting Rotarians:  Norm Velliquette, Elk Rapids; Patrick Myers, Mason

Visitors:  Justin (for the last time) and his wife Katie Blohm, Melissa Thompson (also her last time) Since being inducted today, no more FREE Meals!

Howard Richards led us in Smile

Life Events:

Anniversaries:  Steve Brummeler’s 17th anniversary with the club

New Member Induction:  Jane Millar welcomed our newest and returning members Justin Bloom and Melissa Thompson for her return.  There was some discussion of whether or not Melissa had to be a pearl diver again (a new member thing) since she is returning


Slate of Officers Announcement:  Vern Osterlund announced the slate of officers for the up-coming election

President Nominee Reg Smith (2020/2021)

Kassia Perpich, Nikki LaDeur and Stuart Fenton for open board positions beginning July 1st

PRCCI:  Diane announced the slate for PRCCI:

Member at Large  T. Jones

Past President Bob Waldvogel

Member at Large Melissa Colby

Spaghetti Dinner:  Reg Smith let us know that the Spaghetti dinner is scheduled for February 15th and the committee is looking for a couple of new members. Contact Reg if you are interested

Calendar Sales:  Jeff Bodette let us know that we are doing well with our goal to sell 1,750 calendars this year. Cards need to be turned in by December 27th to be in the first drawing of the year and by January 17th

Veteran’s Day Celebration:  Melissa Colby let us know that there will be a free breakfast to Veterans this Saturday November 10th at the North Central Michigan College cafeteria

Athena Award Nominations:  Chris Etienne let us know that they are still accepting Athena Award Nominations

Park Fund Grant Cycle:  Robert Rogier let us know that the Park Fund will be having a grant cycle coming up soon. More details to follow

Enhancement Millage:  John Scholten thanked the club for their help in passing the Enhancement Millage


Christian Smith introduced Patrick Myer with Strategy Network part of Michigan Energy Citizens.  This is a group that works with Michigan energy providers to educate the public on the importance to the state’s economy

Next Week’s Program:  Dale Hull Voices, Without Borders