Posted by Terry Newton on Jun 06, 2018

Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

June 6, 2018

We are back at the Bay View Inn for the summer!

Amy Cross led us in “God Bless America”

Four Way Test:  Walt Byers

Invocation:  Jeff Wynder

Steve and Amy Cross led us in “Rivers of Babylon” and Smile. It was a pleasure having Amy leading us today, Steve’s okay too

President Bob Waldvogel called on John Calabrese to read the calendar winners, he struggled but got through: Link to Winners

Visiting Rotarians:  Currie Andrews from Brentwood, TN

Visitors:  Kendall and Carrie Klingelsmith, Tom McHale, Nick Liebler and Lisa Hicklen

Life Events:

Birthdays:  Steve Cross and Roy Longworth have birthdays this week

Rotary Anniversaries:

Jane Millar:  20 years

Lucas Porath:  3 years

New Member Induction:  Jane and Matt introduced and inducted our newest member Kendall Klingelsmith Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Petoskey


Ride for Polio:  June 16th is Pedaling for Polio. Six riders are signed up. Sign up applications can be found on our website. Please turn them in to Terry Newton prior to the ride and make checks payable to PRCCI 

Jump for Polio:  Bill Collins has collected $2,500 for his Sunday Sky Dive! Jane Millar will also be jumping out of this perfectly good airplane

Officer’s Exchange:  Jim Beno let us know that Officer Exchange will be the June 27th at 6:00 at the Perry. This will be our regular meeting for this week. Please RSVP to Jim or sign up the next couple of weeks

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra:  Judy Zorn let us know that the final concert for the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra will be this Sunday at John M. Hall Auditorium in Bay View

Past Rotarian:  Chris Etienne let us know that Larry Beck, a past member of our club is not doing well and asked us to keep he and his family in our thoughts and prayers. A card was passed around that Chris will drop off for Larry

Bob Maldegen’s Birthday:  A few members went down state to celebrate Bob Maldegen’s 90th birthday and deliver the Rotary Club’s picture. He is doing great and appreciated our gift

Photo Courtesy of Deanna Klosinski


Our own Melissa Thompson was the program today.  She gave a great overview of the Make A Wish program.  They do so many great things for children with life challenging/threatening issues  

Next Week’s Program:  Kendall Klingelsmith: Petoskey Parks and Recreation/Paul Harris Fellow Invitees