Posted by Terry Newton on Jul 25, 2018

Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

July 25, 2018

A disclaimer to begin with. Steve Brummeler took an unauthorized vacation day. Terry Newton had to suck up big time to Ashley Whitney and, this being her first newsletter, there may be a few incorrect items and missing visitors but, overall, Ashley Whitney is the Bees Knees. I still miss Steve and gave him a firm talking to. Ashley does a wonderful job on the monthly board meeting notes as well! Kudos to the both of them for making me look good

Howard Richards led us in America the Beautiful

Four Way Test:  Kam Culbertson

Invocation:  Jeff Wynder

A quote from the Dalai Lama

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”

Song/Singing:  String Quartet from Bay View Association performed a piece from the Marriage of Figaro Opera

Calendar Winners:  President Steve called on Ashley Whitney to read the calendar winners: Link

Visiting Rotarians:  Dick Chambers, Holland, MI; Bob Swanson, Birmingham, MI

Visitors:  Bill Collins daughter, son in law & grandson Luke, Bill Hicklin’s son, Elizabeth Newton, possibly some missed  

Life Events:


Sarah Ulrich

Roger Winslow


Sidewalk Day Sales:  Sidewalk Sales is July 27, 2018. Per announcement from Reg Smith, morning setup time has been changed to 8:00 am. Terry Newton sent out an email reminding volunteers of their time of service 

Luke update:  Bill Collins son in law spoke to the group thanking for all the prayers and support the club has provided. They’re not out of the woods yet but are tackling things as they come and have an optimistic outlook

Sunday 7/29/18:  Bob Waldvogel asked as many Rotarians as possible to come to the Petoskey High School back parking lot to participate in photo of the trailers purchased with last year’s Diamonds & Denim proceeds for press release. Not sure the time but you can ask Bob and I am sure he will let you know

BJ Shawn:  Jane Millar gave us an update on BJ. She’s back home & recovering, texts welcome but don’t stop by unannounced

Rotary Pool for July:  Statements forthcoming from Liz Ahrens

Tuesday 7/31/18 5:30-7pm:  Liz Ahrens invited everyone to come to Crooked Tree Arts Council for Taco Tuesday on Bidwell Plaza. Free tacos, music and arts and crafts.  Cash bar available 

Petoskey Rotary Club Charities, Inc.:  Dianne Litzenburger advised we have received many thank you notes from area organizations that received funds from Petoskey Rotary this year, and she passed those thanks along to all of us. She also advised this Friday July 27th the Petoskey News Review will have a full-page ad detailing the works completed this last year by the noon Rotary Club


Melissa Thompson introduced Sarah Ulrich to give a presentation on Habitat for Humanity, who they are and what they do.  They detailed the four build projects they are working on this year and spoke about volunteer opportunities to help.

Next Week’s Program:  Kassia Perpich, TED Talk: Education