Posted by Terry Newton on Aug 29, 2018

Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

August 29, 2018

This will be our last week at the Bay View Inn. Next Wednesday, September 5th we will meet at the Perry Hotel (Reg’s Place)

Howard led us in God Bless America

Four Way Test:  Roger Winslow (we were worried that he couldn’t count to 4)

Invocation:  Neal Bidwell

Howard Richards and Georgia Abbott led us in “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and “Smile”

Calendar Winners:  President Steve Cross called on Anne McDevitt to read the calendars and of course John Scholten was at a back table, so he was not heckling from the front row: Link

Visiting Rotarians: Pat Chase, Sulphur Springs, TX; Bill Boag, Fox Chapel Rotary, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Val Myerson from the Petoskey Sunrise Club, and Kent Cartwright who has been gone for so long it seemed like he was just visiting (he was also sporting a new beard and trying to look like his hero, Terry Newton)

Visitors: Chris Montague, Becky Philipp-Kranig, Deanna Klosinski, Sara Couture, Dan Gathos, Lisa Hicklen and Elizabeth Newton

Life Events:

Steve Cross called up Liz Ahrens, who in turn called on Bill Collins and Deanna Klosinski to make a very special Paul Harris Fellow Presentation to BJ Shawn. It was so great to have her back with the club

Rotary Anniversaries

Georgia Abbott, Stuart Fenton and Jeff Wynder were all at 3 years this week


Billy/Duff Cabin Outing:  Jim Beno let us know that there will be a fall Billy/Duff gathering on October 4th. Bring a dish to pass, beverages and ham provided; $10 for members, $8 for spouses and $5 for kids

Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra:  Judy Zorn let us know about the kick off for the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra season on September 8th at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts

Roadside Cleanup:  Tim Kaufman let us know that Roadside Cleanup will be September 29th. Details to follow soon

Diamonds & Denim 2018:  Reg Smith let us know that there are 24 days left before Diamonds and Denim. Be sure to purchase your tickets and/or make donations as soon as possible


Steve introduced Val Myerson Petoskey District Library Director and Jody Haven, who gave us a very interesting program on the library. Many of us were unaware of the wide variety of programs and services the library provides. So, if you think that we don’t need a “library building” because of the internet be sure to visit our beautiful library building to see all that is still has to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised

Next Week’s Program:  Carolyn Tabone, RN, Stop the Bleed Program