Posted by Terry Newton on Aug 28, 2019

Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

August 28, 2019

To Purchase Tickets for Diamonds & Denim please click: Here

Howard Richards led us in My Country Tis of Thee

Four Way Test:  Joe Blachy

Invocation:  Anne McDevitt

Frederick Buechner:

To Become a Human Being

IN 1963 I WENT on that famous March on Washington, and the clearest memory that I have of it is standing near the Lincoln Memorial hearing the song "We Shall Overcome" sung by the quarter of a million or so people who were there. And while I listened, my eye fell on one very old black man, with a face like shoe leather and a sleazy suit and an expression that was more befuddled than anything else; and I wondered to myself if, quite apart from the whole civil-rights question, that poor old bird could ever conceivably overcome anything. He was there to become a human being. Well, and so were the rest of us. And so are we all, no less befuddled than he when you come right down to it. Poor old bird, poor young birds, every one of us. And deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome some day, as he will, by God's grace, by helping the seed of the kingdom grow in ourselves and in each other until finally in all of us it becomes a tree where the birds of the air can come and make their nests in our branches. That is all that matters really. 

-Originally published in The Magnificent Defeat

Singing/Song:  Howard Richards & Georgia Abbott Led us in the Blues Brothers; “Sweet Home Chicago” and Smile

Calendar Winners:  Read off by Ben Slocum

Calendar Winners August 28, 2019

Calendar Winner
Sold By
Jeff Wynder
Melody Wallace
Maggie Martin
Ryan Lauria
Harbor Springs
Elizabeth Allen
Richard Anderson
Estero, FL
Mark & Laurie McMurray

Visiting Rotarians:  Bob Swanson, Birmingham, MI

Visitors:  Lori Smith, Lexie Brummeler

Life Events:

Sue Metzger is in the hospital from knee surgery

Doug Basel is in Henry Ford Hospital downstate

Please keep both in your thoughts & prayers

Birthdays:  None

Anniversaries:  None


Diamonds & Denim:  Reg Smith spoke about the partner for this year’s event being the YMCA. They are looking for a permanent location for the Y. He also stated that there are opportunities for sponsoring the event and you can see him for details. You can also click on the following link to purchase tickets for individuals, table of 8, table of 10, etc. Link

Lisa Hammond is in charge of auction items and she will be either collecting auction items from Rotary Club members or she will be expecting to receive a minimum of a $50 dollar donation so they can buy an auction item of their choice to be included in this year’s auction. If you are going to sponsor the event you will not be held liable for an auction item

Reg let us know that we have about $15,000 in sponsorships so far and we are shooting for $30,000

Calendar Sales:  Jeff Bodette let us know that calendars will be coming out September 25. Yes, it is that time of year already

Roadside Cleanup:  Tim Kaufman let us know the fall roadside cleanup will be September 21. More details to follow

Crooked Tree Yacht Club Boat Ride:  Roger Winslow told us there will be another ride on the Crooked Tree Yacht Club Boat. Date to be announced

John Scholten W/O His Hand Out:  John Scholten, without his hand out, I know, Shocker, let us know that he will be doing a cross country bike trip September 22 - October 30th. He is raising money for Polio. Our club has pledged $1/mile ($3,400 if anyone is counting).  He will also be going to other clubs to leverage $ from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for eradication of Polio. Steve Brummeler will be keeping the club up to date on his progress. If you would also like to donate, he is taking donations. We will be having our regular local pedal for polio ride before he leaves so you can donate then

Alzheimer’s Walks:  Melissa Thompson has 2 Alzheimer’s walks September 14 in Petoskey and September 28 in Traverse City. See Melissa for more details

Program:  Stuart Fenton gave a very enlightening presentation on she history of the Blues. Here is the link to the playlist on Spotify: Link

Next Week’s Program:  Jeff Bacigalupi, Straits Capital, LLC