Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER – September 9, 2015
Four Way Test:  Thank you Bill Collins
Invocation:  Thank you Tim Dykstra for the following invocation:
Oh Labor Day, My Labor Day Why do you take the summer away?
Why do you mark the start of fall, that colder season for us all?
Is it because you would like to see the handsome turning of the tree,
From summer’s green to red and gold, Dropping leaves that have turned old?
Days will stay warm for a while more, and we can still play on the Bay’s shore.
Why have you stolen now from me that time of sweet serenity?
Must we soon start thinking fall that season of change that greets us all?
Yet as we do, let’s also rise to honor those in enterprise.
The men, the young, the old who build and serve with tasks untold.
That we can enjoy our own good lives right here in Michigan’s paradise.
Its workers efforts both night and day should all be honored here, I say.
Let’s raise a glass and give cheer to honor workers far and near.
We could not live, nor meet our needs without the worker’s many deeds.
So here’s to you my labor friend we’ll honor you until the end.
You make it so that we may live with all the efforts that you give.
Now raise your glass, Rotarians all embrace our workers; embrace the fall
that’s soon to come upon us here lets greet the season in good cheer.
“Service over self” is how we can show our gratitude now.
Here’s to workers this Labor Day and thanks to each is what we say
Visiting Rotarians:  John Van Etten – Terre Haute, IN; Moose Dunne – Clearwater Beach, FL
Other Visitors:  Betsy Newton, Hannah Fisher and Alexa Hammond - Scholarship Recipients from North Central Michigan College, Jillian Fellows - Petoskey News Review Reporter, CMU Medical Dean Dr. George Kikano, Bill Kanine from Kiwanis was also a guest
Life Events:  Please keep John and Peg Emley in your prayers. Their daughter had to have major pancreatic surgery and they had to go back to Texas early so they could take care of her 3 boys. She pulled through the surgery fine though it's been difficult to restart her digestive process  
Today we celebrated the life and 93rd birthday of Dick “Doc” McMurray. Dave Thomas paid a heartfelt tribute and we enjoyed a luscious cake. Dr. McMurray’s family were also on hand
Song of the Week:  The illustrious Steve Cross and Howard Richards led us in "Battle Hymn of the Republic", written by Julia Ward Howe, using the music from the song "John Brown's Body". Howe's more famous lyrics were written in November 1861, and first published in The Atlantic Monthly in February 1862. We then sang the ever popular; “Smile”
MEETING LOCATION CHANGE:  September 16th we will be meeting at Bay View Inn as the Perry Hotel has a booked conference
Road Side Clean-Up:  Paul Schemanski asked that we save the date of September 26th 8:30 a.m. at the Old Town and Country site on US 31. Please watch your e-mail for an online registration
Hiawatha Talk:  Please join Angie Cranney for the Hiawatha Talk on September 16th. The event will take place at the Community Building located on the Fairgrounds. The talk begins at 6:00 p.m. and program shirts will be distributed at 7:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served
Diamonds & Denim:  Please continue bringing in your bottles of wine for the Basket Raffle. We are in need of about 8-10 more bottles. Bottles of wine should be $20.00 to $25.00 in value. Bob Maldegen recommended Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This is a very easy way to participate in the event 
Only 16 tickets remain. Please contact Mike Snyder if you will be attending
Nurse Scholarship Recognition:  Terry Newton, on behalf of the Scholarship Committee, awarded two $1,500 nurses scholarships. This year’s first recipient was Alexa Hammond who will be graduating May, 2016. She will then pursue her BSN with a focus in Neonatology. The second recipient was Hannah Fisher who, upon graduation will be working as a traveling nurse, in order to gain broader experience. After she completes this phase of her career, she will also work towards completing her BSN
CMU Medical Dean:  John Hurd briefly introduced Dr. George Kikano, Dean of the School of Medicine at CMU. The Medical School just completed its third year of operation. The focus of the program is rural health and serving underserved areas. The program is doing very well with 4,600 applicants for 100 seats
PROGRAM:  Club Assembly
Dave Thomas updated the Club in the following areas:
Membership Process:  Firstly, many thanks to Doug Caldwell and the Membership Committee for some outstanding work. This Committee will now be chaired by Steve Brummeler and will meet quarterly. The membership will also be downsized to around 5 Rotarians. We are beginning a Membership Drive. The focus is on Commitment, not Numbers. Everyone will be given a card with a description; “What’s Rotary?” These cards to be handed to persons whom you feel will be committed members and you will invite them to lunch. The card will have your name on the back and this becomes their “ticket” for lunch at their convenience. All Rotarians should have distributed at least one card by June 1, 2016. Points will be recorded for luncheon responses and the Rotarian with the most points will win dinner for two at Bob-In Again
Bylaws:  The Committee consisting of Jim Erhart, Steve Brummeler. Rob Rogier and Lyle Peck will be begin a complete review of the current Bylaws. It is recommended that this review occur minimally every five years. President Thomas asked the Membership if the Bylaws Committee should consider having greater depth for the Office of President. This was approved and will allow for a more robust succession plan
Yellow Cards:  The trial period for the yellow announcement cards has concluded. It has been decided that the use of the card shall be “voluntary”. It is recommended however, that you use the card if you would like an accurate description of your event in the “Informer”
Diamonds & Denim:  To date the event is meeting its financial goals. Please prepare to enjoy yourself on September 19th. The auction items are wonderful
Calendar Winners:  Calendar winners were read off by Dave Thomas and can be viewed by clicking on the following link:
Two Week Notification:  This is the second of our two week posted notification for the following Board Approved, Prospective Members to the Rotary Club of Petoskey:
Georgia Abbott who has been Board Approved to the Rotary Club of Petoskey. Georgia is the Technical Trade School Director of the Industrial Arts Institute in Onaway
We have also readmitted Dee Keil who has returned to American House as the Executive Director.
Next Week’s Program
Next Week’s Program – Judaism in Northern Michigan by Rabbi Aaron Rozovsky  
Remember we’re back at Bay View for the week