Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER – October 14, 2015
Four-Way Test:  Thank you Jeff Wynder, one of our newer Rotarians
Invocation:  Thank you Anne McDevitt for the words on friendship by C.S. Lewis: “The next best thing to being wise oneself…Is to live in a circle of those who are”
Life Events:  No events were announced
Song of the Week:  “Bridge over Troubled Waters.” This was a Class Song in 1970 for some of us. We then sang; “Smile”
Visiting Rotarians:  There were no visiting Rotarians this week
New Member Induction:  John Doyle, sponsored by Bill Fedus, was inducted today. John is the owner of Doyle Roofing. John is married to Betsy and has two children, Mamie and Ross, who own a Fine Pastry Shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Please seek John out in the following weeks and get to know him!
First Thursday Fellowship:  Is at 5:30 p.m. the First Thursday of every month. Location will be announced at club meeting. Please mark your calendars and join the fun
Rotary Park Fund:  Bob Waldvogel announced that the final list was approved by the Board of Directors this week. An excess of $89,000 was awarded. The recipients will be notified in the upcoming week and will be coming before the Club to briefly explain their projects and what will be accomplished with the money. Bob also wanted to thank members of the Club who conducted site visits
Calendar Sales:  Rob Rogier kicked off Calendar sales today. We are challenged to sell 1,500 calendars which will garner a $15,000 profit. This is the Club’s major fundraiser so, please get out there and sell. (Try to sell 2 more if you can!) Envelopes for returns will be available next week. All stubs and monies must be in by January 16, 2016. The first person to sell their calendars will be treated to a drink from Steve Cross at First Thursday
Rotary Foundation Month:  Chris Etienne reminded the Club that November is Rotary Foundation Month. On Wednesday, November 11th, our program speaker will be a polio survivor who will be telling her story. All Paul Harris Fellows will be invited to this event so please see that they RSVP
Polio Eradication Day - Pedaling for Polio:  John Scholten and Gary Baxter asked for our pledges especially since the Gates Foundation will be matching funds collected. Riders are to meet October 18th, 1:00 p.m. at Glens Plaza North and will ride to Knot Just a Bar, Bay Harbor. If it is raining, riders will meet at East Park
President’s Report of Board Actions
Greenwood Cemetery Wreaths:  The Club has pledged $150.00 to buy wreaths for Veterans buried at Greenwood Cemetery
Club Resignations:  Resignations were accepted for the following members: Cindi Bauer and Bob Banwell. Also, Bob Hameister who is moving full time to Florida.
STRIVE:  A Rotary Foundation Grant request of $2,500.00 was approved
Diamonds & Denim:  The event passed all of our expectations. $55,000 will be given to the Trails Council and the Club garnered over $11,000. We had expected a Club profit of $5,000 at best. Thanks to all for your participation
Our speaker today was Doug Mantha, the Director of Ministries at Petoskey United Methodist Church. He has served there for over a year after spending nearly 20 years in IT doing computer networking and security for companies ranging from northern Michigan small business to the federal government to large multinational corporations. He and his family have lived in Petoskey for 13 years. He has volunteered with the C.S. Lewis Festival for most of its existence and is the current President of the Board. 
A very interesting review of the Festival was shared and we learned that more than 20,000 people have attended the festival since 2003. People attend from all over the world and Doug shared a number of accolades received from attendees. The festival runs from September 22nd through November 4th, 2015. Please visit for a listing of speakers and program events
New Member:  This is the second of the two week notification for proposed new member D. Michael Landi former Vice President Rand Corporation, Vice President University of New York and Assistant Police Commissioner City of New York
Next Week’s Program:  Erika Walls from Central Manufacturing in Harbor Springs (Vocational Program)