Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER – October 21, 2015
Four Way Test:  Thank you Moon Seagren
Invocation:  Thank you Neal Bidwell for the invocation
Visiting Rotarians:  John Van Etten – Terre Haute, IN; Adrian Rogier, Highland Park, IL
Other Visitors:  Nora Wynder, Natalie Kasaborski, Ruth Grass, Elizabeth Stacy and Tim Knapp
Life Events:  There were no announcements
Song of the Week:  Steve Cross and Howard Richards led us in James Taylor’s; “Fire and Rain” and “Smile”
John Scholten let us know that know that 3 of us John Scholten, Steve Brummeler and John Emely Pedaled for Polio on Sunday. It was a nice day and a good ride
Robert Rogier let us know that they are collecting for calendars already. Envelopes are on the tables and cards and money need to match
Chris Etienne let us know that Athena Nominations are being accepted
Steve Cross let us know the first Thursday gathering will be at Leo’s Lounge
Dave introduced Erika Walls the owner of Central Industrial Manufacturing in Harbor Springs.  This is a certified Women owned business. Erika and her husband have owned the business for 2 years and the produce specialized and one off parts for many companies including a company that produces one of our newest Jet Fighters. It was a great program and then she offered a tour of the facility
Calendar Winners:  Were read off by President Dave and the following link will take you to them:
Next Week’s Program:  Val Meyerson will be presenting on the Robotics Team
Special Announcement:  Next week we will have a photo opportunity at the new Trails Council building secured with assistance through this year’s Diamonds & Denim event
New Member Two Week Notice:  Peter Olson has been voted in to the Rotary Club of Petoskey and this is the first of the two week notice in our bulletin. He has been proposed by Tim Dykstra
Special Announcement of this Year’s Slate of Officers:
The nomination committee has met and is putting forth the following ballot for this year’s Slate of Officers to be voted on at our December 2nd Meeting:
President-elect:  Bob Waldvogel
Board Member #1:  Bill Collins
Board Member #2:  Robert Rogier (2nd term)
Board Member #3:  John Hurd
Nominations committee member at large #1:  Roger Winslow (to keep continuity)
Nominations committee member at large #2:  Gary Fedus
Nominations from the floor are being accepted through Tuesday, November 10th, such nominations require the following in writing:
·         Name of member
·         Position being nominated for
·         Signature of two members of the club
·         Deliver to Kent Cartwright in .pdf or Word format in person or, via email, acceptable up to 11:59 pm on November 10th at: