Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER – October 28, 2015
Four Way Test:  Thank you Doc McMurray
Invocation:  Thank you Randy Evans our New Club Poet Laureate:
November, Petoskey, Michigan
The streets have lost their double lining of parked cars.
November turns its cold shoulder, and north wind slams doors.
Dead leaves swarm, gray clouds pile up over the bay, and
 “Closed for the season” signs appear in windows of stores.
Sidewalk sales, parades, county fairs and football season pass,
Cars track new snow in the street. One morning the beach bleaching surf
And the spray over the channel light abruptly stop at first ice.
The rapids on Bear River narrow, and the town stands in silence.
The news and review reports the first fisherman to fall through thin ice;
The first hunter to fall out of his tree stand; the first day the ski hills open.
A child bobs down his first snow hill, falls off at the bottom in delight.
An insurance agent in the attic of an old warehouse addresses calendars.
The young boy at the library on Mitchell Street reads his first lines 
Of Hemingway, Faulkner, or Fitzgerald; an old man with dementia stands
Stationary on the corner not knowing where to go next; in a second story loft,
A yoga instructor softly encourages a young woman dying of cancer.
In a coffee shop, a boy and girl bend their heads together over hot chocolate;
In the public restroom, a homeless man washes and changes dirty clothes;
Above the general store, an artist stretches his arm to brushstroke a canvas;
Old friends meet for lunch and hang their coats on familiar hooks.
On a side street in rehab, men and women confront their addictions;
On the other end of town, an old woman lays in the hospice house; nearby
A retired couple walk their dog through the abandoned streets of bay view.
Re-sized for winter, we slow our pace, settle in, ease closer to each other in bed.
--Randy Evans
Walloon Writers Review
Fall, 2015
Life Events:  Doug Basel is still in the Hospital recovering from surgery. He is open to receiving cards and will probably be going to Boulder Park on November 2nd for extended convalescence. Terry Newton will keep the club informed of his condition
Song of the Week:  Howard and Steve were a no-show so Dave started singing Running Bear “On the banks of the river lived Running Bear, an Indian Brave.” Club quickly and vocally thanked him and we moved on
Visiting Rotarians:  None this week 
Board Slate:  Kent Cartwright announced slate of officers and explained the process for nominating alternatives
Semper-Fi Award:  Dave Thomas presented Kent with the October Semper-Fi Award for taking the lead in getting IRS compliant thank you letters out to all the recent Diamonds & Denim Donors
PRCCI:  Steve Brown announced that the PRCCI Board had recently approved the fall awards of $3,177. Voices without Borders ($500), Manna Food Project ($1,000) to purchase Pigs, Northern Michigan Community Mediation ($677) for a tri-fold to educate court ordered Truants, and Public School of Petoskey ($1,000) for an engaged reading/mentor program
Pedal for Polio:  John recognized riders and gave an interim report of fund raising thus far. He is still committed to reaching/exceeding this year’s goal 
President Dave’s Notes:  Last call for getting a photo in for the Club Directory we plan to publish. Terry will be glad to take your picture, if needed. All invited to the Top of Michigan Trails Council check presentation at 2:00 at the “Ultimate Trailhead”
First Thursday Fellowship:  5:30 the First Thursday of every month
PROGRAM:  Val Meyerson brought her students and coaches to update us on this year’s challenge and last year’s successes with the Robotics Team. The Robotics Team got to meet Governor Snyder and finished among the top teams at the International Competition
Georgia Abbott, our club’s Vocational Robotics Team Liaison, presented Val with a $3,000 check from our club and the offer to help as needed
New Member Proposal: This is Week One of required two week notice for Elizabeth Stacy and Week Two for Peter Olson
Next Week’s Program:  Rob Straebel – Petoskey City Manager
Special Announcement of this Year’s Slate of Officers:
The nomination committee has met and is putting forth the following ballot for this year’s Slate of Officers to be voted on at our December 2nd Meeting:
President-elect:  Bob Waldvogel
Board Member #1:  Bill Collins
Board Member #2:  Robert Rogier (2nd term)
Board Member #3:  John Hurd
Nominations committee member at large #1:  Roger Winslow (to keep continuity)
Nominations committee member at large #2:  Gary Fedus
Nominations from the floor are being accepted through Tuesday, November 10th, such nominations require the following in writing:
·         Name of member
·         Position being nominated for
·         Signature of two members of the club
·         Deliver to Kent Cartwright in .pdf or Word format in person or, via email, acceptable up to 11:59 pm on November 10th at