Petoskey Rotary Club Noon NEWSLETTER – December 16, 2015
4 Way Test:  Thank you Ashley Whitney
Invocation:  Dr. Tim Dykstra reminded all of us that there is not a religious litmus test applied to Rotary membership
Life Events/Requests:  Welcome back to Chris Etienne. Please check the website for details of her trip to Nigeria and her personal efforts to eradicate polio
Song of the Week:  “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” This song was #23 on the 1953 Billboard 
Visiting Rotarians:  There were no visiting Rotarians
Induction:  BJ Shawn and Lorraine Manary, Mentor, officially welcomed Elizabeth Stacy to the Club today. She will be a wonderful addition! Formerly from Birmingham, Michigan, spending an 8 year stint in Memphis, Elizabeth spent almost 40 years in the banking industry in Oakland County, before moving to Petoskey this past September when offered a VP Position at First Community Bank. Elizabeth’s 24 year old son, Billy, is at Michigan State and her 27 year old daughter, Kate, is in Chicago working in the advertising industry. Elizabeth is an avid bird watcher and gourmet cook and an “equal opportunity” Red Wing appreciate. Elizabeth has been very touched by the welcome she has experienced in our Club and looks forward to nurturing her connection to the membership
Board Report 12/8/2015:  President Thomas recapped business items from the last meeting of the Board. Please contact him if you have addition comments or thoughts
  • D&D Funds – The purchasing of a trailer is a good idea but not at this time. When there is a better plan for visibility, storage and maintenance of the trailer, it will be revisited
  • Membership Committee Report – Mark Coopersmith will be a corporate member under Angie Cranney’s company
  • Tom Earhart will be on LOA until April, 2016. Steve Clarkson has retired from the Club
  • Members in Arrears: Members need to bring their accounts up to date. The Board asked Jim Wibby to contact all members in arrears and bring any remaining members to the January Board for discussion and action
  • Habitat for Humanity Work Day – The Board is interested in taking part in a half day. Will also see the participation of the other two clubs
  • Spring Marathon – the Club has been asked to man a water station. Steve Brummeler will be determining the requirements
  • President Elect Kent Cartwright, will be leading a 5 Year Strategic Visioning process early in 2016
Bell Ringing For Salvation Army:  The date is Friday December 18th. All slots have been filled
Christmas Messiah Plus:  Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra & Chorus will be performing the annual Messiah on Thursday, December 17th and Friday December 18th at 7:00 p.m. at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. Reserved Tickets are $75.00, $50.00 and $35.00. General Admission is $25.00 Amy Joy Cross will be the featured Soprano
Brother Dan’s Food Pantry:  Jim Beno asked that members consider purchasing a $10.00 matching donation card from Meijer to benefit the food pantry. Cards can be picked up at Meijer and Jim will also be distributing the cards on December 23rd
Spaghetti Dinner:  Save the Date for February 11, 2016
Northern Nights:  Save the date- February 20th, 2016. John Scholten is selling Raffle Tickets. This is a stocking-stuffer opportunity
Calendar Sales:  We are challenged to sell 1,500 calendars which will garner a $15,000 profit. This is the Club’s major fundraiser so please get out there and sell (Try to sell 2 more if you can!). Envelopes for returns are on the dining tables every week. All stubs and monies must be in by January 16, 2016
The program today was “21st Century Policing – Petoskey Department of Public Safety.” An amazingly interesting program, with demonstrations, provided by Chief John Calabrese, Lt. Rocky Karr and Lt. Randy Weston. The four components of the program were:
  • Use of Force
  • Tasers – demonstration as to how it works
  • Use of body cameras – a video clip showing a real event
  • Emerging medicine as it pertains to drug overdoses
Chief Calabrese cited the “Presidents Panel on 21st Century Policing Recommendations” and stated that in more than one area, Petoskey was ahead of the curve. Anyone interested in reading this report can view:
Next Week’s Program:  Bob Waldvogel – Rotary Park Fund Check Presentations