Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER –February 10, 2016
4 Way Test:  Thank you Jim Wibby
Invocation:  Thank you BJ Shawn
Life Events/Requests:  Jane Millar shared with the club the health status of Patrick McGee. There is slight improvement but his condition is still critical. Please keep Patrick in your thoughts and prayers. To send a card; his home address is: Patrick McGee, 102 Southard Street, Unit 1, Key West, Florida, 33040
Calendar Winners:  Charlie Parks announced the winners for this week. For a listing of the calendar winners see:
Song of the Week:  The song this week was “Lookin’ out My Back Door;” Credence Clearwater Revival performed this tune July, 1970. It ranks 265 on the list of the greatest songs of all time
Visiting Rotarians:  There were no visiting Rotarians this week
Club Bell:  Many thanks to Terry Newton for taking the time to clean and polish our beautiful brass bell. It is again truly beautiful
Valentine Day Concert:  Great Lakes will be having a Concert Sunday, 4:00 p.m. at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church. The cost is a freewill offering
Election Results:  After a hard fought campaign, congratulations to Steve Cross, our new President Nominee Designate
Diamonds & Denim:  Kent Cartwright reiterated the selection of the Great Lakes Center for the Performing Arts as the 2016 partner. He is currently initiating a Memorandum of Agreement
Board Report:  Dave Thomas shared a few items from the February 9th Meeting. They are:
  • $500 approved for Project Connect
  • $200 approved for the sign-up fee to participate in Sunrise Club’s Bowlapalooza
  • The D&D Partner for 2016 was unanimously approved. The partner will be Great Lakes Center for the Arts. A Co-Chair is needed for the event. This is a great chance to serve the Club and Community. Please contact Kent Cartwright or Bob Waldvogel if you are interested
  • The LOGO was finalized.  Thank you Dianne, Bob and Dylan. All recognition requests will be channeled through the Marketing Committee to ensure consistency
  • Members in Arrears Pilot went well. This pilot tested the feasibility of using a credit card to pay dues. Jim Wibby will bring recommendations to the Board for next steps during the next two months
Habitat For Humanity:  Our Club will be participating May 7, 2016, 9:00 a.m. to Noon in Alanson
Foundation Raffle:  See Chris Etienne or Jane Millar to purchase a ticket for $20.00. This will enable you, as well as the Club, to win $5,000.00 in the drawing. For the Club to win, 97 tickets need to be sold
BOWLAPALOOZA:  Save the Date: Friday March 18, 2016, our Club has been challenged by the Sunrise Club to form a team and assist them with their goal of collecting $5,000.00 for local charities. The team is being organized. Please contact John Calabrese for more information or to sign-up
Northmen Nights:  See John Scholten to purchase a raffle ticket for $50.00 in order to win an all-terrain vehicle and support Petoskey Sports
Jane Millar had us put on our thinking caps as she discussed contemplated Rotary legislation. Jane will be attending a meeting that will review 181 proposals coming from all over the world. Today we had mini debates on the following:
  • To allow flexibility in club meeting and attendance requirements
  • To remove Youth Service as the Fifth Avenue of service
  • To accept “Homemaker” as an accepted classification
  • A request for the International Rotary Board to take a stand on sexual mutilation
  • To support the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • To better define and accept e-clubs as one does a traditional club
  • To add $2.00 a year to dues in order to fund a public image program
All the proposals can be viewed online. Voice any concerns you have to Jane Millar as, she will be representing our district
Next Week’s Program:  Kyle Prue author of; “The Sparks” is our program for next week