Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER – March 16, 2016
4 Way Test:  Thank you Jean Frentz
Invocation:  BJ Shawn read this essay as part of her program. There was a request that it be printed here. This essay was written by Dr. Jerry L. Parks, Georgetown Middle School, Georgetown, Ky.  “What is a middle schooler?”
A middle schooler is random motion, jumbled chaos, and predictable unpredictability—a child becoming an adult—paused for one magical moment between pictures of puppies, and pin-ups of sex symbols. They are a walking paradox of fashionless style, fueled by hormones and gum, and fired by engines that seem to never run out of gas. They are strongly independent social creatures that travel in packs, and communicate by sacred note. They are nourished by the immediate, unencumbered by past, and impatient for the tomorrow they feel will never come.
Middle schoolers can miss the obvious, harp on the obscure, and defend the impossible. They thrive on spontaneity, loathe predictability, and refuse to even acknowledge the parents they love. They deny the proven, dispute the certain, stand up for the irrelevant, and fall out of chairs. Tapping is their anthem, and fairness—their rule of life. They are possessed of selective memory, and a fierce loyalty to their own kind. Their hair is their banner, disorder—their creed. Their image is the only thing that matters more than lunch.
Middle schoolers are bolts of energy wrapped in a package of laziness. They are confusion poured into mood swings—fueled by encouragement, motivated by curiosity, and stimulated by challenge. They are inspired by sincerity, frustrated by denial, and defeated by doubt. They are gangly growth spurts with a twinkle in their eyes. They are confident pretenders masquerading in fragile shells of insecurity—trusting skeptics—secretly searching for heroes.
Middle schoolers love to be hugged, but hate to be touched. They are reactive agents who cling to routine while reaching for change. They are reminders of our own immortality; in-progress paradigms of possibility in whose lives we plant a lesson, shape a behavior, mold a character and seal a destiny. They are the first blooms of tomorrow’s hope—fleeting sunbeams of a thirteenth springtime—on loan to a winter world.
Life Events/Requests:  Welcome back Doug Basel
Calendar Winners:  Past President Jim Erhart (2003-2004) shared the calendar winners this week. Judge Erhart also shared a few memories of his presidency such as the infamous Rotary trailer and of course the Rotary Park. The Judge also left us with a few words from Roberts P. Hudson. It was written primarily for attorneys but it rings true for Rotarians also. This was written in 1935 for the Michigan State Bar Journal.  Quote: “No organization of lawyers can long survive which has not for its primary object the protection of the public”
Song of the Week:  Thank you Georgia Abbott for leading us in “Smile”
Visiting Rotarians: There were no visiting Rotarians
MANNA Day:  Our Club will meet at MANNA for a working Lunch. April 13th the Club will meet there and NOT at the Perry
Habitat For Humanity:  Save the Date. Our Club will be participating May 7, 2016, 9:00 am to Noon in Alanson
Driving for MANNA:  MANNA will not be requiring backpack help this year. They are in need of Drivers on Monday to pick up food from a number of local supermarkets. There are two runs 9:00 and 12:00. The vehicle is a panel truck and does not require having an additional license. The vehicle requires a driver and a rider. One must be able to carry 40 pounds. Please see Jean Frentz to sign up or to find out more about it
BOWLAPALOOZA:  Save the Date: Friday March 18, 2016. We have been challenged by the Sunrise Club to form a team and assist them with their goal of collecting $5,000 for local charities. We have a team. Come and join the fun from 3:00 to 5:00. The team consists of John Calabrese, John Scholten, Steve Cross, Steve Brummeler and Paul Shemanski. We need some cheerleaders, so come on out
BYLAWS:  Remember to read them on line so you are prepared to vote on the changes next week at Club Assembly
Roadside Clean-Up:  The fun begins April 16th starting at 8:30 a.m. beginning at Walloon Marina Service Center. Please sign up on line or with Paul Schemanski. Teams of 4 with 4 in a team is needed. The link has been sent out for sign-ups
Top of Michigan Trails:  The Club will be sponsoring an Aid Station for the Memorial Week-end Marathon Event. The event is on May 28th from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. What we also need are a team of runners and walkers. See Angie Cranney to sign up. Logo T-shirts will be provided
Beach Bums:  Save the Date of June 11, 2016 to attend a ball game in Traverse City. Cost will be $8.00 and we need 25 people to go
After sharing the wonderful essay By Dr. Jerry L. Parks, BJ Shawn launched into her program; “8th Grade Middle School Career Day”.  BJ stated that students are always questioning the relevancy of subjects they have to take. In their naivety they can’t see the interconnection between math, science, technology, the arts, history, physical fitness, and the list goes on. They haven’t had enough experience to realize connection…the intricate relationship between so many areas of study. Sometimes we have to encourage or even insist that they learn whether, they understand the relevancy right now or not! And none of us can predict the future requirements we might have to meet!
We all need to encourage the educational opportunities for students to be opened to this more contemporary thinking as educators, parents, employers, mentors and citizens.
BJ continued: The 26 presenters that we are so fortunate to have support our Career Day are doing their share to enlighten our youth as it applies to their fields and their stories. We are so lucky to have such generous and accomplished community members as volunteers here today. Each one gave up time from their wok and other responsibilities to support our Career Day event and our students.
The following shared with the Club their thoughts and experiences: Ms. Colleen Patullo, Counselor from Petoskey Middle School, Pete Kehoe – Musician extraordinaire and music educator, Tiffany Lenau, Entrepreneur, business owner of Yoga Roots and last but not least Jake Ziegler.
Thank you all for a great program!
Next Week’s Program:  Club Assembly
New Member Posting:  This is the second week posting for Jon Terry of Capital Youth Strategies and the first week posting for Mike Spencer of Bay View Association both of who were approved at the last board meeting on March 8, 2016