Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

March 30, 2016


4 Way Test:  Thank you Dr. Guy Golembiewski

Invocation:  Randy Evans did the invocation by reading a poem he authored:

Cold Spring Morning

First light opens a new world.
There is no other day like this one.
Tree limbs glide out of darkness under frosty stars.
A satellite rolls towards the east like a bead of mercury.
The Big Dipper leaks into the north.
A rabbit bounces over the yard
like a white ball on the end of a rope.
A fat robin bobs her head pulling the thread of a worm.
A man and his dog step off fifty-yard lengths of dawn.
Needles in the pine trees bend to the breeze.
There is no other day like this one.
This is a morning that falls between the weathers,
the air not warm or cool,
water not thawed or frozen,
the sky like a gray sheet hung out to dry.
Snow drifts fringe beaten down carpets of fields.
Clouds fly by like pennants of geese,
and pine trees, like tuning forks, begin to hum.
Rain drops spatter on my head, cold as dimes.
There is no other day like this one, not ever again.
I shove my cold fists deep into my pockets,
the red fists of my father and my grandfathers.
This morning I wear the face of my ancestors
looking at the face of nature.
I see wet brown and yellow leaves everywhere, broken rocks,
limb falls, snow mold, and other remnants of winter.
I race my body back inside under the dripping roof.
My limbs rattle like cotter pins and shaking gaskets,
my skin  feels like a threadbare pillow case,
too thin to cover me for long, too thin to stay in.
This is my life, and there is none other like this,
no other day like this one.
                                                                      -Randy Evans

Life Events/Requests:  Please keep Bill Collins and his family in your prayers. His grandson, Lucas, is still battling Stage 4 cancer and is fighting like a trooper

Calendar Winners:  Past President Jim Beno read the calendar winners today. Calendar winners can be found at: Calendar Winners Link

He also discussed his year as president in 1992 and highlighted some significant accomplishments. The Annual Breakfast of Champions had their first breakfast that year and our club won the President's Award for all the service we provided for our community. Also we took on the project of the Winter Sport's Park, raised a significant amount of money and funded the building that is currently at the park. They also awarded an Ambassadorial Scholarship that year and 21 Paul harris Fellows were awarded during the Exchange of Officers. Jim had a great year as president

Song of the Week:  Steve Cross led us in McCartney-Lennon “I Saw Her Standing There” Link to Song

Visiting Rotarians:  Lorraine Manary from Petoskey Sunrise Rotary


International Convention Korea:  Please let Dave Thomas know if you have an interest or any questions

District Conference Muskegon:  The conference will be April 22nd-24th. Please watch for an e-mail with the details. Consider attending if you can

MANNA Day:  Our Club will meet at MANNA for a working Lunch. April 13th the Club will meet there and NOT at the Perry

Habitat For Humanity:  Save the Date. Our Club will be participating May 7, 2016, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Alanson

Driving for MANNA:  MANNA will not be requiring backpack help this year. They are in need of Drivers on Monday to pick up food from a number of local supermarkets. There are two runs 9:00 and 12:00. The vehicle is a panel truck and does not require having an additional license. The vehicle requires a driver and a rider. One must be able to carry 40 pounds. Please see Jean Frentz to sign up or to find out more about it

Roadside Clean-Up:  The fun begins April 16th starting at 8:30 beginning at Walloon Marina Service Center. Please sign up on line or with Paul Schemanski. A team of 16 with 4 in each group is needed. Seven Rotarians have stepped up. Nine more are needed

Top of Michigan Trails:  The Club will be sponsoring an Aid Station for the Memorial Week-end Marathon Event. The event is on May 28th from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. What we also need are a team of runners and walkers. See Angie Cranney to sign up. Logo T-shirts will be provided

Beach Bums:  Save the Date of June 11, 2016 to attend a ball game in Traverse City. Cost will be $8.00 and we need 25 people to go. You will be receiving an e-mail to prompt your registration

PROGRAMFeet (Friends Enhancing Emmet Transportation) Cynthia Donahay and Martha Lancaster co-presented on the latest results on the efforts of developing public transportation in Emmet County. There has never been an attempt to recreate the wheel with this group and the group has met for over ten years to research the needs of the community and come up with the plan that has been presented to the county commissioners who will be deciding this Friday on the course of action to take.

The plan is to have Straits Regional Ride roll the Friendship Center buses and operation in to their busing system and provide more service in to Emmet County

For further information you can visit their webpage and Facebook page:

Link To Website

Link To Facebook Page

Next Week’s Program:  Natalie Kasiborski from Leadership Little Traverse