Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER 

June 1, 2016


4 Way Test:  Thank you District Governor Tom and Denise Schmidt

- 4 Way Test Awardees:- Jane Millar presented: “Is it the truth” to Herb Carlson

- Diane Litzenburger presented: “Is it Fair to all concerned” to Bob Maldogan

- Stafford Smith presented: “Will it build goodwill and better friendships” to John Parker

- Dave Thomas presented: “Will it be beneficial to all concerned” to Dr. Dick McMurray

          - 1st 60 Years, Next 60 Years and President’s Citation awards

InvocationObject of Rotary (Neil Bidwell/Dave Thomas)

Song of the Week:  When the Saints Go Marching In

Life Events/RequestsHappy Birthday to Tom Erhart!

Calendar Winners:  Calendar winners can be found: Link

Past President Moment:  Presented by Jim Wibby

Visiting RotariansWelcome Adrian Rogier, Highland IL; Moose Dunne, Clearwater, Florida; Eric Breisach, Kalamazoo, MI; and John Van Etten, Terre Haute, IN


Spring Fling Party/Billy Duff CabinThe date is June 2, 2016. Dearborn Ham and beverages will be provided. Sign-up sheets are going around or contact Jim Beno to be added to the list. Please bring a dish to pass. This can be appetizers, vegetables, salads or desserts. Bikers will be meeting at Beno Clinic, 2:00pm. Friends and family members are welcome

Beach Bums:  Save the Date of June 11, 2016 to attend a ball game in Traverse City. Cost will be $8.00 but we need 25 people to go

Officer Exchange:  The Officer Exchange will take place on June 28, 2016. It will be held at the Perry Hotel. Cocktails will be served out side on the terrace at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 7:15 p.m. Sign-up sheets will circulate beginning next week

Rotary International Annual Meeting:  The 2017 meeting will be held in Atlanta, Georgia June 11-14, 2017. For those planning to attend, there is a discounted rate in celebration of the 100th Anniversary. The discount rate is available May 28th through June 6, 2016

Welcome Back to Bay View!  2016 summer programs and tri-fold “Taste of Bay View” brochures are on your tables. Link to events is here  

PROGRAM:  Molly Preston – Michigan Youth in Government: There are two ways to learn about government. The first is to read textbooks about what others have done. The second is to take that theoretical knowledge and apply it in an actual government setting.

The State YMCA Youth In Government program provides high school and middle school students with a unique opportunity to become acting state legislators, governors, lobbyists, lawyers, committee chairs.  The students simulate all phases and positions of the actual state government. These students are challenged with many of the issues our real legislators must face in their elected offices.  Our expanded program includes a national issues debate section (National Issues Forum) dealing only with national and international debate.

To learn more about this wonderful learning opportunity for middle school and high school students click here 

Next Week’s Program:  Scott Brinkmeyer – Principled Negotiating