Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

July 20, 2016


Four Way Test:  Thank you By West             

Song of the Week:  Howard Richards led us in “America the Beautiful”

Invocation:  Thank you BJ Shawn       

Visiting Rotarians:  Dick Chambers (Holland, MI); Currie Andrews, (Nashville, TN); Bob Swanson (Rock Island, IL); Mike Turner (Albion, MI)

Other Visitors:  Kathleen Bagley, Captain Matt Breed, Laura West and Dave Smith

Calendar Winners:  Calendar winners were read by President Kent Cartwright:  Link

Life Events:  None this week

Song of the Week:  This week Howard without Steve led us in “When You're Smiling” and “Smile.”  Seemed to be a theme


Sidewalk Day Sales:  Dennis Kelly will be heading up Sidewalk Day sales this year on Friday, July 29th.  The sign-up sheet went around. Be sure to get your name on the list. It is a great time to see people you only see there and good fellowship with fellow Rotarians

Bay View Events:  Melissa Thompson let us know that Beauty and the Beast Jr. will be going on this weekend at Bay View.  Come out and see Jane’s grandchildren and a great performance

Art Show Event:  John Stover let us know that his Art show, at his home on Douglas Lake will be Aug 6. We are all welcome

Club Dues:  Jim Wibby let us know that the invoices were emailed out


Moose Dunne served in World War II in the Merchant Marines. Many of them were just as susceptible to attacks because they were carriers of war supplies for the war efforts. Their death rate was one in four and they were just recognized as veterans of the war by President Clinton during his presidency.

Moose spoke about Honor Flights, which are free to war veterans who then go to Washington, D.C. where they are recognized for their service during the war. Many veterans are dying on a daily basis because of old age. The average age of the veterans are 90 years of age and some have passed away on the flights. The veterans involved are either World War II, Korean or Vietnam Veterans. They also visit Arlington Cemetery which is filled with veterans from all of the wars including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The veterans visit the World War II Monument, Vietnam Memorial and get to hear about the history of the monuments. Moose went on his Honor Flight, October 13, 2015.


Next Week’s Program:  Valerie Meyerson will discuss the Petoskey Public Library and Captain Matt Breed and Steve Cross will do a presentation about the Fire Truck Millage