Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER 

August 3, 2016


Four Way Test:  Thank you Robert Rogier               

Howard Richards led us in:  God Bless America

Invocation:  Thank you Stuart Fenton 

Visiting Rotarians:  Steve Huffman, Sacramento, CA; Moose Dunne, Clearwater Beach, FL; Dick Chambers, Holand, MI; Dan Anbe, Flint, MI; Jim Starling, Chapel Hill, NC; Currie Andrews, Nashville, TN; Bob Swanson, Birmingham, MI; John Van Etten, Terre Haute, IN; Tom Gilbert, Traverse City, MI

Other Visitors:  Laura Van Dyke, Capt. Matt Breed, Brandon Egolf, Val Myerson,  Dave’s Aunt Patty, Harmen Law and Seth

Calendar Winners:  Read by President Kent Cartwright: Click Here to View

Life Events:  Bill gave us an update on their grandson. He is very close to total remission. He still has treatments to go through so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Song of the Week:  This week Howard Richards without Steve Cross led us in “Smile”

It’s not the same without Steve Cross, wherefore art thou Steve Cross?


Bay View Association:  Melissa let us know that there are plenty of great programs still going on in Bay View Association. Robin Hood is this weekend

Diamonds & Denim:  Ingrid talked about getting tickets for D & D.  Also this year instead of bring in a bottle of wine there will be a sign up and you can just bring cash.  Bill and Carols is giving us good wines at cost.  So get your name on the list or give Ingrid your $

YMCA 4.9770K Run:  Christian let us know that the Annual 4.9970 fun run will be August 20th. Click Here for Further Information

Department of Public Safety:  Matt Breed thanked the club for all of our support in passing the mileage to get new Fire Equipment as well as giving us information on the next Public Safety Citizen Academy. Further information can be obtained by clicking here

Rotary Club Board Meeting:  August 10th is the next Rotary Board meeting at the Spitler building at 3:30. All Rotary Club Members are welcome to attend

Kent Cartwright Announcements:  August 24th our meeting will be at the New Northmen Stadium. We will be the first to see it and you will not want to miss this opportunity


Terry Newton introduced Tom Gilbert; retired judge, lawyer and a person in long term recovery. Tom talked about what it takes to be in long term recovery. He gave us some interesting facts about the number of people in long term recovery. He also shot down some of the myths and stigma associated with addiction and recovery. Finally he told us about a new program in Traverse City called TC Retreat, a quality sober living residence, giving men a place they can go to keep them on the road to long term recovery and get back to a normal life. The goal in the future is to open more quality sober living facilities and to open a recovery retreat center. For further information, you can visit our Facebook Page here

Next Week’s Program:  District Governor Presentation, Gernot Runschke