Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

August 4, 2021

1921 – 2021          100 Years of Service Above Self

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Petoskey via Zoom on the world wide web and in-person from here on out if God willing and the creek don’t rise. Ashley Whitney, President officiated the meeting. If you did not get the chance to attend, you can watch it from this:  Recording

Pledge/Anthem:  Howard Richards played “God Bless America”

4-Way Test:  Jeff Wynder

Invocation:  Jean Frentz 

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

                    Hugh Downs

May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.

                    Peter Marshall

Calendar Winners:  Read off by John Emley

Calendar Winners August 4, 2021

Calendar Winner
Sold By
Sam Roitz
Deb Baker
Harbor Springs
P. Sunrise
Mary Ling
Madison Remling
Clermont, FL
P. Sunrise
Jeanine Kearney
Hinsdale, IL

Visiting Rotarians:  Pat Chase, Sulphur Springs, TX; Bob Swanson, Birmingham, MI; Dick Chambers, Holland, MI; Megan Dewindt, Heather Rave, Sunrise Rotary

Guests:  Will Hicklen, Audrey Hicklen, Raeder Hicklen, Hanah Hicklen, Lisa Hicklen, Colin Evert, Deanna Klosinski, Mike Donaldson, Reggie Fiel, Prospective Member

Life Events:  None

Rotary Care List:  Member Teri Donaldson’s husband Mike was diagnosed with rectal cancer. He will begin a 6-week course of radiation and chemotherapy in mid-August.  Thankfully, the Karmanos and McLaren oncology teams are optimistic, providing us comfort and relief. Please keep him and the family in your thoughts and prayers. 

Sharon Schappacher's partner Dan Anderson has stage 4 lung cancer and is undergoing treatment in a clinical drug trial at Cleveland Clinic. He is having his second transfusion August 9. Please keep him and Sharon in your thoughts and prayers. 


Stafford Smith


Gary Baxter – 13 Years

Victor George – 13 Years

Herb Carlson – 62 Years

Singing/Song:  Howard Richards played Happy Birthday and Johnny Nash; 1972 “I Can See Clearly Now”


Upcoming important date changes:

In-Person Meetings:  In-person Rotary meetings beginning 7/7/21 at the Perry Hotel and thereafter with a Zoom option available.

Group Photo on August 25:  On Wednesday, August 25 please come to the Perry Hotel early for a group photo. We will take the photo on the front steps of the Perry Hotel at 11:45 AM sharp!!

100 Acts of Service:  This year our club aspires to complete 100 Acts of Service for our 100 years. If you did something to serve others in the last week, please be sure to record it in our online survey – click here. Thank you! Also, our PR folks would love to help tell Acts of Service stories. Please consider submitting a photo of any group service projects, or a photo of the result of your good deed if appropriate. Thank you!

Support for John Scholten's Polio Bike Ride:  Rotarian John Scholten is doing a 970-mile bike ride next month, across Oregon and Montana, to raise money for the Rotary Foundation's polio campaign. The Rotary board of Directors voted to donate $1,000 in honor of his extraordinary effort. Thank you, John!! Please contact him directly if you'd like to make an individual donation as well.

Kiwanis Disc Golf Match on Sept. 14:  Save the date! On September 14 we will hold a "grudge match" against the local Kiwanis Club, who beat us in a baseball game in 1925. Unacceptable!! Time to show them once and for all that Rotary is the best service club around!! We will play from 5:30--7:30 PM at the disc golf park on River Road. No experience required!

2021 Biking for Polio Event on Sept. 19:  Save the date! On Sunday, Sept. 19 we'll gather for a charitable bike ride to raise money for polio eradication. The specific bike ride, post-ride celebration, etc. is planned for a route from Petoskey Brewing to Harbor Springs with food and libation afterwards at Petoskey Brewing. If the weather is bad that day, we'll hold the event a week later Sept. 26.

Fall Festival Event on Oct. 16:  Save the date! On Saturday, October 16 we're planning to organize a 'fall festival' fundraiser at the Winter Sports Park, for our centennial project. There will be music, games, food trucks, libations and more -- stay tuned for more details!!

STRIVE Update:  Our STRIVE leadership team (Students Taking Renewed Interest in the Value of Education) had its first planning meeting for this coming school year. The leadership team would love to have one more person join them. If interested in learning more, please contact Georgia Abbott, Lisa Hammond or Sunrise Rotarian Jeff Neill. STRIVE will probably have about 22 students this year, which means we'll need 22 mentors to pair with those students. We'll have a sign-up sheet available soon.

Vocational Service - Volunteers Welcome:  Rotary board member, Karen Ragland, is in charge of 'vocational service' this year. Vocational service is when one utilizes their profession to serve others--for example, by attending school Career Exploration Days, allowing students to job shadow, giving an education presentation to the club about your profession, etc. If you would like to assist Karen with programming in this realm, please contact her!

Calendars Available on Aug. 18:  Tis the season! On Wednesday, August 18 your bundle of Rotary calendars will be available for pick-up.

Assist Sophie Cranney:  Rotarian Angie Cranney's daughter, Sophie Cranney, continues to experience health issues following a car accident last year. Sophie has several medical appointments lined up this summer and needs help getting to/from her appointments.

Good news, Sophie has graduated from her eye therapy and no longer needs to travel to Traverse City.  I have deleted those appointments but added a few more local appointments. Please consider helping, view the list and offer to pick up a shift or two. 

Past President Centennial Updates:  Starting now, over the next 4 months, 19 past Presidents of our club will take turns giving a historical overview of club happenings in 5-year periods (until we reach 100 years). They will make remarks on what was happening in the world, in Petoskey, and in our club. Dianne Litzenburger 86th president – 2007-2008, AG 1998-2001, DG 2007-2008 She talked about 1965 - 1969

PROGRAM  Wayne Segar –

First, we began with a lovely Paul Harris Fellowship presentation. Bill Hicklen presented to his Daughter-in-law, Audrey Wagner who is a critical care physician at Baltimore Mercy Hospital. She works on the COVID Unit on the night shifts and has helped people survive from this horrible disease and has dealt with a lot of unfortunate deaths as well. Kudos to all healthcare workers who have worked so hard during this deadly pandemic and kudos to Bill’s daughter-in-law.

Then we were joined by Wayne Seger, an engineer by trade and the creator of a website called This website helps people find recreational activities in northern Michigan, from Mackinaw City to Frankfort. When you visit the site, it asks you 10 questions on "how you play" and based on your responses it creates a "play plan" for you with 10 activity suggestions.

Next Week’s Program:  Greg Carpenter Crooked Tree Breadworks