Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

December 15, 2021

1921 – 2021          100 Years of Service Above Self

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Petoskey via Zoom on the world wide web and in-person from here on out if God willing and the creek don’t rise. President Ashley Whitney officiated the meeting. If you did not get the chance to attend, you can watch it from this:  Recording

Pledge/Anthem:  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance

4-Way Test:  Dave Thomas

Invocation:  Jean Frentz

You’re going to come in contact with an awful lot of people who are at their absolute breaking point this week. Friends, family, co-workers, teachers, strangers in the grocery store, retail workers. While it may be the merriest time of the year for some, it may be the saddest, most stressful, loneliest, most heartbreaking for others.

We’re all busy. But we’re not too busy to be kind, caring, and patient. Remember the best thing you can give someone this season is love.

Amy Weatherly

Calendar Winners:  Read off by Chris Etienne

Calendar Winners December 15, 2021

Calendar Winner
Sold By
Dennis Flory
Jessica Tomlinson
Colleen Lindeman
STRIVE % Rotary Club of PET
Doug Buck

Visiting Rotarians:  None

Guests:  Sarah McDonnell, Prospective Member

Life Events:  Mike Spencer has taken a new job at L'Arbre Croche and, sadly, has decided to resign from the club. Ashley Whitney read a very kind farewell note from him. We will miss you, Mike! Best wishes in your new role.

Rotary Care List: 


Jeff Wynder. We sang happy birthday to him.


Cam Culbertson – 4 Years

Christian Smith – 7 Years


Show of hands:  How many people will be attending lunch on 12/29 before Christmas? That’s the big calendar drawing date. There will be no program on the 29th, just calendar drawing and fellowship with other Rotarians and no zoom option as our zoom masters will not be in attendance.

Toys for Tots - Final Week Approaching:  Dave Thomas announced that Toys for Tots is back, and he is requesting donations. Items can be delivered to the Perry Hotel, unwrapped. He suggested gifts in the range of 20.00. This week (Dec. 13 - 17) is the final week to participate.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing on Dec. 17:  Christian Smith is the chairperson of this endeavor. There are two positions at Walmart at the North and South entrances. It begins at 10:00 AM and ends at 8:00 PM with one-hour shifts. Please sign up for this important annual event HERE.

Rotary Foundation raffle drawing:  Tickets are $20 each, and are being sold until the end of February. Half of the raffle money will be donated to the Rotary Foundation and the other half will be raffle cash prizes. Please see Chris Etienne or Jane Millar if you'd like to buy tickets.

Calendar Stubs Due by 12/31:  Just a reminder to please turn in calendar stubs by December 31! Any stubs not turned in by 12/31 will be invoiced to the corresponding member and those stubs will not be included in the raffle. 61% of calendars have been turned in to-date -- thank you!!


We began with a New Member Induction for Sarah McDonald, the chef and owner of Parkside Deli.

Sarah was raised in Petoskey. She went to school with Ashley Whitney and lived next door to Dave and Cathy Meyer (of Meyer Ace Hardware).

She received a bachelor's degree from Central Michigan University, followed by a culinary degree from the Culinary & Hospitality Institute of Chicago. She lived in Chicago for 20 years, working at various restaurants, before deciding to move back home to Petoskey 3 years ago.

When she's not working, Sarah and her partner, Matt, enjoys being outdoors -- hiking, skiing, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, foraging for mushrooms, you name it!

She is the proud aunt to 3 nieces and 2 nephews. Welcome to Rotary, Sarah!!! We are glad to have you.

Following the induction, we were treated to wonderful music by Owen James, who played the piano and sang a medley of favorite Christmas carols.

Next Week’s Program:  Short presentation with photos of Rotary holidays.