Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

February 5, 2020

Andre Strydom led us in God Bless America

Four Way Test:  Melissa Thompson

Invocation:  Anora O’Connor

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

Singing/Song:  Andre Strydom led us in “Smile” and “Happy Birthday”

Calendar Winners:  Read off by Christian Smith

Calendar Winners February 5, 2020
Calendar Winner
Sold By
Northern MI Sports Medicine
Jesse Sprague
P. Sunrise
Autumn Rhoades
Julie Kuchnicki
Jim Walter
Teresa Wolf
Beatrice Muir
Flemington, NJ
Visiting Rotarians:  None

Visitors:  Sharon Schappacher, Andre Strydom, Becky Philipp-Kranig, Sandy Mosher, Nikki Devitt, Lauren Liebler, Anna Kievet, Lance Bailey, Suguri Hoshino, Selena Conti, Eliott Yurek, Matt Muller, Loise Timm, Elyse McLintock, Taylor Beigle, Nathaniel Wurster, JP Broz, Sophie Cranney

Life Events: 


Sally Crowley

Bill Hicklen

Verne Osterlund


Ben Slocum 2 Years

Kendall Klinglesmith 10 Years

Verne Osterlund 18 Years

Gary Fedus 26 Years

Jean Frentz 31 Years

Roy Longworth 53 Years

Care Committee: 


Spaghetti Dinner:  Happening Thursday, February 20. Mike Snyder has assigned volunteer roles. This dinner is an all-hands-on-deck event for our club! If you cannot attend, please contact Mike ASAP. Reg Smith did his best impression of Luigi and told us about sauce night on the 19th and is passing around a sign-up sheet.


New Member Induction – Sharon Schappacher

We warmly welcomed our newest member, Sharon Schappacher. Sharon is originally from the Cleveland area. She studied accounting at University of Akron. Eventually Sharon and her then-husband moved from Ohio to Mackinaw City to build and run hotels. At this time Sharon is part-owner in eight hotel units.

Sharon has 2 children and 2 grandchildren, all of whom live in Chicago. She loves to cook and bake—and even has her own beehive! Sharon is especially known for her Korean cooking.

In addition to joining our Club, Sharon is the current chair of SCORE, which provides free business counseling to entrepreneurs. She is also a passionate volunteer with Northern Michigan YMCA. We’re glad to have you, Sharon!

Angie Cranney then introduced the Cheetos Club from Petoskey High School.

The Cheetos Club is all about spreading kindness among students. It was launched last year and now boasts about 40 student members. Each week the students gather to plan kindness activities and to discuss individual students, teachers and/or school staff that might need some extra cheer.

The Cheetos Club give treat bags to students on their birthdays, decorate lockers with positive imagery, give school tours to new students, send cards/notes to anyone going through a rough patch, etc. They were started in honor and memory of Spencer Tibbits, a Petoskey High School student known for his kindness—and who was tragically killed in a car accident on his 17th birthday.

This is an amazing group of kids who have begun a wonderful organization and they are hoping to take this on a national level. Here is a website that outlines what their group is all about and the various initiatives they are involved in. Link

By the end of this program, there was not a dry eye in the house!!

Next Week’s Program:  Chris Parker: Students in Government