Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

January 15, 2020

Four Way Test:  Paul Schemanski

Invocation:  Lisa Hammond

Go into this week with the attitude that your peace,your health, your mind and your heart means more than getting everything else done.

That your smile matters. That feeling rested matters.

  That holding the hands of your loved ones matter.

  So pause lots, function at a pace that doesn’t pull you apart.

  Honor the things that make you feel good inside, the things that make you feel alive. Give time to those things this week.

  Make time the gift it is, by giving it to what really matters to you.

S.C. Lourie

Singing/Song:  Welcome Back to Andre Strydom who led us in Smile

Calendar Winners:  Read by Angie Cranney

Calendar Winners January 15, 2020
Calendar Winner
Sold By
Joe Blachy
John H. Parker
Lisa Kavanagh
No. MI Sports Med Center
Doriene Gray
Harbor Springs
Alex Borowiak
P. Sunrise
Ben VanDam
Boyne City

Visiting Rotarians:  None

Visitors:  Becky Philipp-Kranig, Geno Di’Angelo, Nikki Devitt, Christian Smith, Sharon Schappacher, Kacie Neill

Life Events: 


Lyle Peck

Melissa Thompson


John Van Etten 3 Years

Mike Spencer 3 Years

Dennis Myers 6 Years

Paul Schemanski 14 Years

Care Committee:

Sophie Cranney has a serious back issue that will probably require surgery

John Van Etten has a health issue requiring surgery

Elaine Kaiser struggling with recovery from back surgery

Steven Parker, 46, John Parker’s son died January 14


Centennial Project:  2021 marks the 100th anniversary of our club. In celebration of that, we intend to champion a special “centennial project”—some kind of large capital undertaking that will enrich community life while highlighting the presence of our club. If you are interested in brainstorming project ideas / a special Diamonds & Denim event to fundraise for the project, please attend a meeting happening next Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 6:00 PM at the Perry Hotel.

Calendar Sales:  We are wrapping up calendar sales by next week. Ultimately our club will have sold about 1800 calendars, which nets $18,000 for our club. Major kudos to Vern Osterlund, who has sold 144 calendars, and Jim Beno, who has sold 134.

Weekly program:  We would like to feature more Rotarians in our weekly lunch programming. If you have a hobby or issue expertise that you would like to share with our club, please talk to the Program Committee (Stuart Fenton, Ben Slocum or Chuck Hayes) and we will add you to the program schedule!

Paul Harris Fellowship Pool:  Thank you to everyone who signed up for this year’s pool!! Each quarter, starting with the first quarter of 2020, pool participants agree to make a $50 donation to the Rotary Foundation. Once a total of $1,000 has accumulated in the pool, one name will be drawn and a Paul Harris Fellow will be designated. This will continue until each person in the pool has paid the full $1,000 and all the names in the pool are drawn.

Program:  Ashley Brower Whitney -- New Insurance Laws

Ashley Whitney, Rotarian and President of Harbor-Brenn Insurance Agencies, gave us an overview of the recent auto insurance reform in Michigan.

Summarizing Ashley’s expert presentation would be a fool’s errand! Just be aware that Michigan auto insurance laws have changed in a BIG way. Changes won’t go into effect until July 2020. We encourage you to speak with your auto insurance agent on how these changes might impact your coverage levels, premiums and/or who’s actually insured when driving your car.

Next Week’s Program:  Our very own Rotarian, Georgia Abbott, will discuss her work in business development.