Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

May 27, 2020

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Petoskey via the world wide web! Liz Ahrens, our President officiated the meeting. If you did not get the chance to attend, you can watch it from this:  Recording

4-Way Test:  Lisa Hammond

Invocation:  Stuart Fenton

If you're going thru hell, keep going!  Winston Churchill

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.  Helen Keller

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, and how you can still come out of it.  Maya Angelo

Calendar Winners:  Read by Bob Metzger

Calendar Winners May 27, 2020

Calendar Winner
Sold By
Dave Morowski
Jon Catlin
Kim Latham
Sand Lake
Cedar Springs
Larry Flynn
Harbor Springs
P. Sunrise
Doug Buck
Gary Wheelock
Ian Stewart
Traverse City

Visiting Rotarians:  Thank you for joining us today:  Patricia Wimmer, Rochester, MN

Guests:  Andrea Coronado, PM, Scott LaDeur, Speaker

Life Events: 

Rotary Care List:  None this week 


Ashley Whitney

Bill Winslow

Dianne Litzenburger


Angie Cranney – 7 Years


Club survey to complete ASAP:  Rotary Club of Petoskey wants to hear from you! Would you feel comfortable attending in-person Rotary meetings and activities this summer? Or do you prefer to continue with our Zoom meetings? How else would you like to see our club adapt during this challenging time? Please take a moment to complete a brief, anonymous survey: Link

Senior’s Graduation Parade:  Here is a link to the Petoskey News Review article on the car parade for seniors this Sunday: Link 

President’s Announcement:  Leadership for 2020-2021- Reg Smith will be taking a leave of absence and this will result in Liz Ahrens extending her presidency till December and Ashley Whitney will assume her presidency 6 months early. This will lead to needing an appointment of new board member to fill in the remaining term of Reg Smith. Please contact Liz Ahrens if you are interested in filling that position.


Today's program featured Dr. Scott LaDeur, a political science professor at North Central Michigan College. Scott gave an interesting presentation on the upcoming presidential election, through the lens of political science.

He shared objective data that revealed how candidate approval ratings, partisanship, third party influence, electoral colleges, incumbency, etc. have historically affected election outcomes.

This year's presidential election will be an extremely challenging one due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There will likely be no large campaign rallies or fundraisers, and no extensive travel by the candidates. Additionally, how are people going to vote?

President Trump, the incumbent, will likely focus his campaign on the re-opening of the economy -- to the detriment of the health perspective.

Joe Biden, Democratic candidate, will likely focus his campaign on health and safety -- to the detriment of the economic perspective.

Either way, both presidential candidates have difficult messages to deliver.

Dr. LaDeur predicts that the whole election is likely to be decided by 7 states, including Michigan.

Next Week's Program:  Bill & Carol’s

Parting Shots:  Trace Adkins; Arlington

What a tearjerker. I was crying during much of the song. Thank you to Dave Thomas for suggesting this for Memorial Day