Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

September 9, 2020

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Petoskey via Zoom on the world wide web. Liz Ahrens, President officiated the meeting. If you did not get the chance to attend, you can watch it from this:  Recording

Pledge/Anthem:  Howard Richards led us in; "My Country Tis of Thee"

4-Way Test:  John Emley

Invocation:  Neil Bidwell

"A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history." Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

Calendar Winners:  Read off by Bob Metzger

Calendar Winners September 9, 2020

Calendar Winner
Sold By
Grayling Rotary %Curt Jansen
Pam Kirby
Brian Ewbank
Harbor Springs
Sam Knowles
Susan Vick
St. Helen
Terry Carling-Kelly
Dubuque, IA
Wayne Harris
St. Clair Shores

Visiting Rotarians: 

Guests:  Alex Lapp from Bearcub Outfitters

Life Events:  None

Rotary Care List: 

Birthdays:  None

Anniversaries: None


Over the last several months, our club has been exploring three service projects to champion in honor of our upcoming 100th anniversary. Many thanks to those who helped brainstorm and research ideas for our club. It's time for us to select one of these projects to move forward with!

Whichever project is chosen, our club will work closely with that project partner to fundraise project costs. Note that our club currently has between $150,000 - $250,000 to donate *right now* so keep that in mind when thinking about overall project plans & costs.


You will be asked to rank the three projects from top choice to bottom choice. 1=top choice. 2=middle choice. 3=bottom choice.

You have until 9:00 AM on Monday, September 14 to cast your vote!!!

If you'd like to re-watch any of the service project presentations before voting, please click the links below:

(1) NCMC presentation

(2) WINTER SPORTS PARK presentation

(3) DOG PARK presentation


Roadside cleanup on Sat. 9/26:  Join us for our semi-annual roadside cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 8:45 AM! Click here to sign up. We have several people signed up but need a few more. Rotary maintains a 3-mile stretch of US-31. 

Opening on the PRCCI board:  Petoskey Rotary Club Charities, Inc. (PRCCI -- the charitable arm of our club) has an opening on its board for the Secretary role. This position was recently held by Melissa Colby, who sadly just left our club due to a new job at Lake Superior State University.  We need someone to step in and complete Melissa's term, which expires on June 30, 2021 -- with an option to extend if interested. If you are interested in the position or learning more about the position, please contact Dianne Litzenburger at 231.330.2444 or Please note that you need to have been a member of our club for at least 3 years to be eligible for this position.

STRIVE update:  Lisa Hammond noted that Rotary is moving forward with its STRIVE teen mentorship program, but (like pretty much everything else!) it will be different this year. We'll be working with 12th graders only this year--about 13 students. STRIVE will be conducted virtually for now, but we hope to have some in-person experiences by the springtime.

Teacher of the Year update:  There's a nice article in the Petoskey-News Review today, about Mr. Lance Bailey being named Rotary's Teacher of the Year. 


Today we were joined by fellow Rotarian, Kendall Klingelsmith, for the third and final presentation of centennial service projects our club is exploring. This presentation focused on potential development of a dog park on a 17-acre parcel of land in Bear Creek Township. A dog park has been on the 'wish list' of many residents for awhile now, and is included in the City's master planning documents. This particular parcel of land has great potential for other amenities too, including a playground and canoe/kayak launch.

Next Week’s Program:  Brian Wagner First year on city council issues

Parting Shots:  Howard Richards did a song called "Ghost Chickens in the Sky" by Moose Butter

Ghost Chickens in the Sky

A chicken farmer went out on one dark and dusty day
And by the coop he rested as he went along his way
When all at once a rotten egg hit him in the eye
It was the sight he dreaded: Ghost Chickens in the Sky

This farmer had these chickens since he was twenty-four
Working for the Colonel (pronounced "Kernel, " eh?) for thirty years or more
Raising all those chickens up to send them off to fry
And now they want revenge: Ghost Chickens in the Sky

Their beaks were black and shiny, their eyes were blazing red
They had no meat or feathers - oh! These chickens all were dead!
They raised that farmer up and he died by the claw
They cooked him extra crispy, and served him with Cole slaw

So let this song remind you if you want eternal peace:
Don't raise up harmless poultry for to cook 'em up in grease
Remember: don't raise animals that you will some day kill
For a chicken may come haunt you, but Tofu never will.