Petoskey Rotary Noon Club NEWSLETTER

January 18, 2017


Four Way Test:  Thank you Pete Olson

Invocation:  Thank you Neal Bidwell

President Kent Cartwright led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Calendar Winners:  To view this week's calendar winners please click the following:  Link

Visiting Rotarians:  It is winter and you can tell by the number of Visiting Rotarians = 0

Other Visitors:  Kate Denten, Lacy Nummer

Life Events: 

Jane Millar helped induct another 2 new members again this week (President Kent Cartwright is on a roll)

Bob Denten sponsored by Dave Thomas and Gretchen Carroll sponsored by Pete Olson. Take the time to get to welcome these new members to our club

Dave Thomas presented our club with the Commanders Citation for our participation in the Toys for Tots campaign. The Marine Corp League was able to give all of the kids they serve at least 3 toys a piece

Song of the Week:

Steve Cross and Howard Richards were both missing this week so we skipped singing (Thank God)


Northmen Night:  John Scholten has raffle tickets for Northmen Night, 3 Person watercraft and trailer. Get yours soon. Steve Brummeler and Bob Waldvogel have tickets as well

Spaghetti Dinner:  Mike Snyder handed out spaghetti dinner tickets. The event is February 16th. If you didn’t get yours today Mike will find you and he will be putting the schedule together. If you have a request or will not be available let Mike know

Fourth Thursday Event:  Steve Cross let us know that the 4th Thursday event will be a LaSeniorita on January 26th, 5:30ish. There is also a Education Foundation fundraiser that day so a portion of your tab goes to support our kids

District Raffle:  Chris Etienne gave us information on the District Raffle to benefit the Rotary Foundation. Tickets are $20 and available until February 28th

Calendar Sales:  Jeff Bodette let us know that we are really close to closing out calendar sales for 2017. If you are not sure you have sold or paid for all of yours see Jeff he has a list

STRIVE Success:  Jim Wibby gave us an update on what Strive does for our kids. The letter about Jordan Conklin, STRIVE success story, is as follows:

Dear Jordan:

Congratulations on your academic achievement in the fall 2016 semester. By earning a grade point average of 3.5 or above in 6 or more college-level credit hours, you have placed on the North Central Michigan College Scholars List.

The Board of Trustees, Administration and Faculty recognize that students who are enrolled part-time at North Central are pursuing their academic work in addition to other significant responsibilities. The Scholars List designation recognizes the commitment you have made to exemplary academic performance in your coursework.

We applaud your efforts and stand ready to support your continued success. Well done!


Peter Olson, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success

Diamonds & Denim 2017:  The Diamonds and Denim board will be making the decision on offering a partnership to the group for 2018 event at the February meeting. If you would like to be involved in this process talk with Reg Smith and get involved with the committee


Liz Ahrens presented a great program about the Ballet program offered at Crooked Tree Arts Center.  Heather Raue, the instructor, gave us an overview of the program. She then presented Amanda Humphrey and Olivia Pearsall, 2 of her students, who gave us their background and preformed a short dance number. This is an impressive program and amazing and talented students

Amanda Humphrey performing a dance routine

Olivia Pearsall performing her dance routine

Next Week’s Program:  Gregory Matyas, U.S. Coast Guard, Traverse City Station